Alpha Medical closes $24M Series B round to expand women’s telehealth – without the video calls

women telehealth care

women telehealth care

Alpha Medical, a telemedicine company focused on women’s healthcare, closed a $24 million Series B round on Tuesday. It’s another company situated squarely in the crosshairs of a pandemic-fueled boom in telemedicine investment, though Alpha Medical’s approach has one notable difference: you won’t be logging on to any Zoom calls. 

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Alpha Medical was founded in 2017. Since then, the company has created a network of 30 staffed primary care providers (PCPs in industry shorthand), who treat female patients online, without phone or video calls. For a $120 yearly fee (not covered by insurance) you can make an account, supply your medical history and patient intake forms, and are assigned a PCP who you’ll communicate via an online platform. 

This type of telehealth is sometimes called “store and forward”. Patient health records can be viewed by a physician on an online platform, rather than during a real-time visit. 

Alpha Medical’s services aren’t currently covered by insurance. However, Lau offers that the $120 per year price for all visits is sufficiently affordable. This is to entice people who already pay for high deductible health plans or those who are uninsured. There’s also an a la carte feature of the service, where a visit costs anywhere from $15-$30.

“You’re not paying for the time while the doctor is waiting for you to think about your symptoms or your family history. We only notify the clinician when all the information is collected in the system, [and] integrated in the EMR [electronic medical record].”


women telehealth care

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