Top NFT Games for the Month of February 2022.

Top NFT Games February 2022

Top NFT Games February 2022

Today, all developments are influenced by blockchain technology. The best example of how blockchain technology impact is by disrupting the world of inline games, which is to be considered one of the leading innovators who actively incorporate new crypto technologies into their algorithms.

To date, there are a variety of games based on blockchain technology that allows players to earn cryptocurrency and NFT during gameplay. The development of NFT plays a significant role in the game economy, and gamers get valuable rewards accordingly.

Top NFT Games January 2022


Pegaxy (PGX) is a free-to-play mech-horse racing game built on blockchain. As a play-to-earn metaverse, Pegaxy allows users to create real-world value through in-game activity.

The game implements a dual token economy based around the governance token PGX (Pegaxy Stone) and the utility token VIS (Vigorus). While PGX enables holders to influence decisions on the platform and profit through stacking, VIS serves as a main currency facilitating the commerce inside of the game.

During gameplay, users enter mythological creatures called Pega into player-versus-player (PvP) races and compete to gain monetary rewards. Out of the 12 participants in every race, the top 3 are given VIS tokens. Pega are available for players to buy, rent, sell and breed on the platform.

Pegaxy metaverse beta release on desktop took place on November 15th 2021. The company plans to carry out the game beta release on mobile towards the end of 2021. According to the roadmap presented in the project’s whitepaper, the official launch of Pegaxy on iOS and Android is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. The PGX initial DEX offering (IDO) was held on Nov. 5, 2021.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs, and it all plays out seamlessly in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art. We’re excited to release the DeFi Kingdom universe to the world. Come join our lovely community!

DeFi Kingdoms aims to be a whole ecosystem of features that includes the JEWEL token, the DEX, the Gardens, and our NFT assets (Heroes, Equipment, and Kingdoms), as well as the game activities that can be performed with those NFTs.

The JEWEL token is much more than your average crypto token. You’ll use it to purchase the most useful items and unique NFTs such as Heroes and Kingdoms in the game, as well as various in-game buffs such as speeding up build times and refreshing stamina. Not only is the token used for in-game items and one-of-a-kind NFTs, but it will also be used in liquidity mining, allowing you to earn even more through staking. JEWEL is also a governance token, so holders will have a say in the growth and evolution of the project.


MOBOX Protocol combines the best of yield farming DeFi with Gaming NFTs creating a truly free to play and play to earn ecosystem. Utilizing the Binance Smart Chain, MOBOX shows true NFT interoperability by combining cross chain and cross platform functionality for NFTs.

MBOX is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Processing transactions through the NFT gaming platform.
  • Staking for platform bonuses and incentives.
  • Used for governance votes to determine how resources are allocated.


  • Minted through the unlocking blind boxes using KEYs (BEP20 Token)
  • Staked in a Smart Contract to mint MBOX tokens.
  • Can be traded on the MOBOX NFT Marketplace.
  • Used across all the games on the MOBOX platform.
  • Tiered according to rarity.

Top NFT Games February 2022

Crazy Defense Heroes

The “Tower Experiment” is an initiative by developer and publisher Animoca Brands to blend traditional Free-to-Play gaming with the Play-to-Earn potential of blockchain gaming. The goal is to build a system that maintains balance and equitability in traditional Free-to-Play games while introducing various attractive features of blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and governance. The basis of the Tower Experiment is the TOWER Token and TOWER Platform. The TOWER Token is an ERC-20 fungible utility token for the TOWER Platform. The TOWER Platform comprises the token, the Free-to-Play games in the Crazy Kings franchise, and the blockchain component providing the economic infrastructure for the ecosystem of games.The TOWER Platform includes:

  • The Crazy Kings (CK) and Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) mobile games: existing successful mobile games, with over 2 million downloads and thousands of loyal players. CK and CDH are tower defense games based on collectible cards of various rarities and power. Players are now able to earn TOWER Tokens by playing these games.
  • An upcoming blockchain PC game: a new game under development will be the newest entry in the game franchise. The new game will allow users to use their Crazy Kings franchise NFTs, earn TOWER Tokens by playing, and participate in various activities such as tournaments. Together with CK and CDH, this game comprises the Crazy Kings franchise.
  • The TOWER Token (or simply TOWER): ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain designed to be a medium of exchange, utility, and governance for the Crazy Kings franchise. Earned by playing the games in the franchise. Holders of TOWER will use it to purchase items such as game card NFTs, pay for game or tournament entry fees, and participate in the governance of the games.

Bomb Crypto

Bombcrypto is a classic play-to-earn game where players can buy bomber heroes and participate in exciting game modes. The game has 3 game modes including Treasure Hunt – Autoplay mode allows bomber heroes to plant their bombs in search of Bcoin tokens and NFT items.

  • Story Mode – Adventure players fight monsters, destroy bosses and get valuable items.
  • PVP – Players will participate in matches with other players, trying to win and get NFT rewards.
  • Buy House Players can buy houses to help bomber heroes recover mana faster.

Upgrade Heroes The game has a hero upgrade mechanism by using a hero of the same level as the hero to be upgraded as a material, the hero as a material will be lost after the upgrade is successful. This will help avoid hero inflation in the game thereby increasing the value of heroes in the future.

Top NFT Games February 2022

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