Top 10 Japan Vending Machines

Top 10 Japan Vending Machines

Top 10 Japan Vending Machines

Vending machines are available in every corner and every town in Japan. You can access it every hour as long as you have a yen with you. 

 You may think that vending machines in Japan contain common items like beverages. While Japan vending machines offer drinks ready to quench your thirst anytime, any day, this country also offers vending machines for the most unusual items. Even better, these vending machines are constantly restocked for ensured efficiency. 

If you are interested, we are bringing you 10 of the most interesting Japan vending machines in 2022. 

10 Of The Most Bizzare Japan Vending Machines In 2022

Japan is notorious for its love for convenience. Since people in this country live a busy lifestyle, leading to the invention of things that match consumers’ demands. One of these inventions is vending machines. According to Statistica, the number of vending machines in Japan has reach approximately 4.5 million in 2020. 

Many of Japan’s vending machines sell the usual stuff. However, you will also find the most unusual yet interesting vending machines around the streets of the country.

1.    Panty

Panty vending machines were available in Japan in the early 90s. However, controversy surrounds the existence of such machines. The reason is that the primary purpose of panty vending machines is to satisfy the people who have a sexual attraction to panties. As a result, the Japanese government declared panty vending machines illegal in 1993.  

Since panty vending machines also sold schoolgirls’ used underpants, they were seized for violating Japan’s child welfare and secondhand seller laws. 

2.    Bra

Japan is the home to the very first automated brassiere vending machine. Wacoal, a Japanese lingerie manufacturer, installed the bra dispenser inside its specialty shop in the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo. 

The bra dispenser has a size chart plastered on the side. The brassieres inside the machine are available in various colors, each costing 2,940 yen ($30). 

According to Wacoal’s managers, they created the vending machine so women could quickly find their bra size and buy one whenever they needed it. But while it may be handy on some occasions, some women are not sure whether or not the machine is practical. Still, the bra vending machine is one of the most unusual Japan vending machines in 2022. 

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3.    Drinks

The beverages that you can find in the vending machines in Japan usually cost around 100 to 150 yen. A vending machine for drinks may not be unusual at all. But what makes them interesting is that you can easily identify cold from hot drinks. Cold drinks have the label つめた~い (tsumetai) while hot drinks have red labels あったか~い (atatakai) under them. 

Moreover, some of the drinks that you can find in Japan vending machines this 2022 are tea, sodas, sports drinks, coffee, and fruit juices. 

4.    Fruits

Vending machines in Japan sell mixed fruits and individual fruits. Mixed fruits are packed in plastic cups and are sliced into bite-size pieces. On the other hand, there are also individual whole fruits packed in plastics. You will even find a vending machine that sells a single type of fruit. 

For instance, some machines sell fresh bananas, so people no longer have to line up inside convenience stores to get one. 

5.    Hot Meals

For people who do not have the time to line up in cafeterias during lunch or dinner, there are Japan vending machines this 2022 that sell hot, delicious meals. These dispensers have every meal that you may ever think of. For instance, there are hotdogs, hamburgers, spaghetti, curry, stew, fried octopus, and many more. 

You will commonly find hot meal vending machines in service areas, ferries, and airports. 

6.    Vegetable

It is difficult to make quick meals late at night as most stores are already closed. At times like this, there is no place for you to find ingredients for your home-cooked meals. 

Fortunately, there are Japanese vending machines that sell fresh vegetables at a reasonable price. 

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7.    Rice

Rice is a staple food in Asian countries like Japan. For this reason, rice vending machines are a common sight in this country. You can simply choose from various rice packed in bags inside the machine’s compartments. Once you insert your Japanese yen coins in the coin slot, the machine will dispense your chosen rice bag. 

8.    Egg

Fresh eggs are perfect for breakfast. But the Japanese also use them in a wide variety of food, such as omelets, side dishes, and rice meals. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that you will find vending machines that sell fresh farm eggs in Japan. 

This vending machine contains fresh eggs packed in bags and locked inside separate compartments. These compartments will unlock when you insert Japanese yen coins, allowing you to claim your purchase. 

9.    Medical Mask

Japanese are polite people who are pretty germophobic. For instance, people consider it rude to blow your nose on a tissue and put that tissue back in your pocket. 

So, you will find vending machines in the country that dispenses medical masks. If you have a cold, you can easily get a surgical mask to cover your mouth and nose to avoid infecting the people around you.  

These medical mask vending machines are especially useful now that the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening people’s health. 

10. PCR Testing Kit

Japan is eager to conserve hospital resources and workforce in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Japanese government conducts about 40,000 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests each day, only a quarter of its capacity. As a result, they can quickly quarantine symptomatic people and those who are potentially infected by the virus. 

As a result, the public relied heavily on clinics so they could be tested for the virus. To conserve human resources, professionals created vending machines that sell PCR testing kits. This move prevented the public from crowding private clinics and having to wait for an appointment.

The PCR testing kit vending machines can hold approximately 60 kits, which costs 4,500 yen each. 

The Takeaway

Vending machines are heavily popular in Japan since they are relatively convenient. But apart from convenience, the reason why Japan is so obsessed with these machines is because it has a dense population and limited space. Vending machines are created to solve the problem of having limited space for stores.

Since this country loves convenience, not only common items like beverages are available in vending machines. But there are also bizarre products like brassieres and hot meals. But regardless of what these vending machines sell, they all serve the purpose of making people’s daily life easier.

Top 10 Japan Vending Machines

  1. I still think it’s wild that a panty machine is a thing. I will say thought that I love the idea of a hot meal machine and an egg machine. They need some of those in America for sure.

  2. I always see these types of machines here in Japan. I know where is an active panty one here in Aichi. But my favorites are the sauces. I pass by a soy sauce one every night.

  3. Wow this is really interesting! I had no idea Japan had such different vending machines. The hot meals machine would certainly be convenient! But, other than the first two, all would be great to have available.

  4. That’s true, they have a machine for everything, thanks for picking some of the most interesting ones and I would love to have that experience some day – : ) Knycx Journeying

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