TikTok’s New Ad Products Invite Users to Interact with Taps, Swipes, Likes and More

TikTok New Ad Products

TikTok this week presented its new plan to ramp up advertiser investment in its video platform with the expansion of e-commerce, a new promise of “brand safety” and the launch of several new and interactive ad formats, ranging from clickable stickers to “Choose Your Own Adventure”-type ads to “super likes” and more. The additions, the company says, will make TikTok’s advertising more interactive and creative, much like the TikTok experience itself.

The company demonstrated its new additions at an online conference aimed at the advertising and marketing community on Tuesday.

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Here, TikTok also announced several new e-commerce partnerships beyond its pilot partner Shopify to make online shopping a more native experience, with the ability for users to go from product discovery to checkout without leaving the app. It noted it’s making live shopping available to brands and offered several ad products made just for e-commerce brands. And, in some markets, TikTok is offering to take on the responsibilities of shipping and fulfillment, as well.

  • On this front, TikTok introduced a new product called “instant page,” which is a quick-loading landing page that the company claims will load 11 times faster than a typical mobile website. 
  • Another new product, “pop out showcase,” aims to make engaging with ads a more interactive experience.
  • With “pop out showcase,” advertisers can access a library of stickers and images that can be superimposed on top of their TikTok videos to illustrate the products they’re demonstrating or other key story elements.
  • Other new formats encourage TikTok users to tap on the ads themselves.
  • One of these is TikTok’s “super like.” This offers a way to make “liking” a video a more engaging experience.
  • There are also gesture ads that will reveal rewards or other information to users who either slide or tap on videos.
  • The final new product is TikTok’s “storytime tool,” which encourages users to become a part of the brand’s storytelling experience.

“All these solutions are a part of our goal to enable advertisers to create the most engaging ads in ways that taps into their creativity and fun that exists on the platform,” 

Jaclyn Fitzpatrick, TikTok Product Strategist, Global Business Marketing

That continues to be the case in 2021, as TikTok’s U.S. ad revenues are dwarfed by other social brands. In fact, TikTok was not even broken out in eMarketer’s recent tabulation of U.S. ad revenues, where it’s instead lumped into an “Other” category with other, smaller social networks (like Tumblr) which, combined, are expected to reach $1.3 billion in 2021.


TikTok New Ad Products

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