This Company invents Wireless Toilet Bidet and now reaches $1,026,906 Funding

Sonny invents Wireless Toilet Bidet.

“Mother nature’s call” could be as peaceful as staying in the countryside or disastrous like a nuclear explosion. Either of these depends on how the food you intake would behave during the process of digestion.

Calm or troublesome, cleaning our rear-end is always a hassle. Even if it’s a personal business; we just do not want to deal with the stink, how disgusting it is and the worst part is avoiding touching any of that fecal matter while washing ourselves!


Wireless Bidet commercial photo
Photo from Sonny

The United States used five hundred billion gallons of water and cut off fifty million trees last year to mass-produce toilet papers. This project, can reduce the US’s consumption of toiletries and help environmental advocates in taking care of our nature and for the conservation of our natural resources.

Difference with other ways of cleaning bottoms

How we usually clean our buttocks is either wiping them with toilet paper or flushable wipes. But it has downsides that make some people invest in using a bidet. Toilet paper does not ensure a hundred percent clean butt whereas flushable wipes almost do the same thing but it clogs the sewage plants in cities that could cause flooding when storm fall.

Wireless Bidet commercial photo
Photo from Sonny

Bidet, however, is preferably hygienic but it’s not a good solution for conserving water and the expensive installment for others makes it impractical thus resorting to just using toilet papers and wipes.

This Start-up project is convenient for people who like to travel and “drop a dookie” at the same time. The size of it is modeled to minimize the space that it needs to fill in your luggage.

What is Sonny and how does it work?

Meet Sonny! A portable bidet that can shoot out water just like a normal bidet. It is literally a victory in your hands.

What makes Sonny convenient is it does not need an expensive installment. All you have to do is charge, fill it with water, follow the rest of the manual and it should do the job for your behind without worrying to get your hands dirty.

For more information about Sonny’s Wireless Bidet, watch this video below.

Moreover, they are looking for someone who could demonstrate its usage. Comment down below if you are interested. Thanks you!

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