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Could you imagine growing 90 kinds of fruits and veggies simultaneously inside your home? You might think that it requires a huge area to plant those vegetations, or how does it work, if there’s any. This Kickstarter backed-up project will give you an idea how they revolutionize sector of agriculture and future of indoor gardening.

Meet O-Garden Smart. This kind of indoor garden/vegetation system allows you to produce fresh fruits and veggies inside your home. It supplements your grocery shopping needs by producing sufficient supply of veggies.

Photo from O-Garden Smart

The good news about this project is that weather conditions doesn’t affect your plants. You never have to worry about the seasonal production of what and when you grow your vegetations. You have annual supply of your favorite fruits and veggies.

How does it work

Just place your seeds on planting cups and put it on top of the nursery platform below the rotating wheel. When it sprouts, place it on the rotating wheel and wait its produce. Underneath the rotating wheel and the nursery are trays that contains water for the plants.

The rotating wheel can hold 60 plants while the nursery box below can hold 30 plants simultaneously.

Photo from O-Garden Smart

The LED light gives-off enough light and the watering system provides sufficient amount of water for optimal plant production. This indoor gardening system ensures no pesticides, herbicides and wastes. It is chemical-free plants and 100% safe to consume.


The problems with the traditional gardening are time and space consuming, it has no guaranteed harvest, wasteful, lots of pests and seasonal growing. On the other side, the problem with hydroponics is that it is difficult to maintain, time and space consuming and worst, complicated to set-up.

The scarcity of land in urban areas results to insufficient plants to grow. Fruits and vegetables come from outside of these urban areas just to sustain their living. This innovation solves the shortage of crop lands in metropolitan areas.

With this indoor gardening system, you don’t need to travel to the nearest store to buy fresh fruits and veggies. Because of its indoor nature, you can harvest it directly anytime. Moreover, you can monitor how it grows and easily decide what to plant.

O-Garden system eliminates the traditional gardening and hydroponics system problems. Because it is indoor, there is no seasonal harvest. It’s compatibility and small-scale size made it easy to use, easy to assemble and low maintenance. It has automatic watering and lighting system securing your timely harvest. Lastly, it is 100% organic which doesn’t affect the environment, has sustainable design and saves time and money.

Watch O-Garden Smart below.

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