The Best Computer Engineer Tips on How to Create a Resume, and Get Your Dream Job

Computer Engineer Resume

As a computer engineer student, you should know how to create and write your own resume. Most especially, when you are a fresh computer engineer graduate, or a professional computer engineer. Your job, and career depends on how well-organized your resume is.

Your resume reflects what kind of person you are. Is it clean and organized? Is it comprehensive and easy to understand? Or is it the other way around?

I have studied that a resume must be neat, clean, and straight to the point. It must be composed of your basic information, skills, experiences, and education.

However, having a simple resume does not mean that you won’t add an extra effort on the presentation of your resume. It should be simple, yet eye-catching.

The right resume design speaks to your individual skills and personality and can propel your application to the top of the stack.

In this article, you don’t need any artistic skills. Just open MS Word application, customize the page using the text box.

And it’s all done. But before we create your resume, let us first understand what must be the content of your resume.

Resume Highlights

  1. Basic Information
  2. Objective Statement
  3. Experience
  4. Education
  5. Skills
  6. Personal Qualities and Interests

Basic Information

The first thing you should write about are details about you. Basically, details are as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Complete Address
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Religion (Optional)

If you have your own personal brand or logo, might as well include it on your resume. If you are applying for a creative job, there should be a visual touch to make it stand out. The addition of artistic touch hopefully will give your resume an impact to the interviewers.

In addition, these contact details make your resume look professional. It also gives your interviewer the easiest way to contact and find you.

Objective Statement

Here are the things that should be included on your objective statement. First, it should be 1-2 sentences. These sentences should achieve a goal in relation to the position you’re applying for. The answers to the following questions should be found in your Objective Statement.

  • Why do I (you) want to work at this (that) company?
  • How will the role (you are applying for) help me (you) to achieve my (your) goals?
  • What skills do I (you) want to develop?

Below is a sample of a marketing resume objective statement template:

“Looking for a position where I can develop my 5+ years of inbound marketing experience and help to build a solid content marketing strategy for a startup.”

It touches on my experience (what I can bring to the table), along with how I want to help the company. I told you it wasn’t too complicated!


This area is where the recruiter will spend his time scrutinizing.

This section is self-explanatory. It tells the recruiter the jobs you’ve had before the job you are applying.

 In this section, you should include your job title, company names, dates of employment, and summary of your duties. The information you’ve listed allows the recruiter to understand how good are you, and whether they will welcome you on-board.

Make it brief. Keep your list short, in bullet-pointed list.

However, some experience should not be included. It might have crowded your resume, and won’t visually presentable.


The education section is also self-explanatory. You should include all the school you attended, and with grades you achieved.

But it is imperative to know that not all education should be written in your resume. Stick to high school, college, and onwards such as masters, doctorate, or post-doctorate degree. It should highlight your GWA at the end.

If you have trainings and seminars, as a computer engineer, please include it in the resume.

Certificates from seminars may give you an edge, and set you apart from other applicants as well. Also, if the certificate is related to the position you are applying for.


The skills section is a little bit tricky. Many job-seekers are confused on what skills should be written on the resume.

Skills to be listed in your resume should be applicable to any general role, and should be relevant with the industry specific skills. These directly relate to the role applying for.

These example skills fall under the general role”

  1. Good Communication Skill
  2. Team Player
  3. Excellent working relation

On the ither hand, specific skills include the following:

  1. Web Developer
  2. Mobile Apps Developer
  3. Network Administrator
  4. System Administrator

The skills section must be the combination of both Soft and Hard skills. If you are an expert of any specific hard skill, show it. Include it in your paper, flaunt it!

Personal Qualities and Interests.

In this section, the recruiter should know a soft touch about you. Don’t worry if your interests are not related to the job you are applying for. The reason you should include this in your resume is to let the recruiter know the qualities that set you apart.

In a short and brief statement, you should let the recruiter know about the person behind the document. Make sure that you only point out only the qualities that matters.

For example, you take cooking classes at night, or you like listening to a motivational podcast.

The most important part is to show that your commitment to learn new things and experiences new perspectives.


This template works for me. After my graduation, as a computer engineer, I’ve been into this kind of template for my resume. It is neat, clean, and professional-looking.

Your resume should only consist of 1 page. It is brief, direct to the point. And this is what employers want. During the interview, do not forget to bring an original copy of your certificates. There might be looking for it for assurance.

Today, 2-3 pages of resume won’t excite the recruiter. They might just throw it away cause it will take a chunk of their time reading your resume.

They are into well-written, brief, and summarized resume.

Trust me, I’m an engineer.

My Resume V.1 and V.2

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