Elon Musk announces Tesla to move headquarters to Austin

tesla headquarters austin

tesla headquarters austin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company would be moving its headquarters from Palo Alto, California to Austin, Texas, a city that has recently seen a flood of tech companies and remote workers. Musk announced the news at the 2021 Tesla, Inc. Annual Meeting of Stockholders, which took place at the Tesla Austin gigafactory, rather than in the Bay Area as it did in previous years.

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Musk also said Tesla would be continuing to expand activities in California, increasing its output at its Fremont gigafactory by 50%, although he didn’t elaborate on how he would achieve such a ramp-up in production. The factory is currently able to produce about 500,000 Model 3 and Model Ys per year and another 100,000 Model S and Model X per year.

Frankly, this is the final straw. Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately. If we even retain Fremont manufacturing activity at all, it will be dependen on how Tesla is treated in the future. Tesla is the last carmaker left in CA.

During the event, Musk also provided updates on the Cybertruck, which he said would start production at the end of 2022, with “volume production” by 2023. The Tesla Semi and Roadster would follow with the start of production by the end of 2023.

Shareholders also voted to require Tesla to publish more detail about efforts to diversify its workforce. This comes just two days after Tesla was ordered to pay $137 million in damages to a former Black contract worker, Owen Diaz, who accused the company of allowing flat-out discrimination and racial abuse at the company’s EV plant in Fremont.

Calvert’s proposal requires Tesla to publish annual diversity and inclusion effort reports, including a comprehensive breakdown of race and gender.


tesla headquarters austin

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