Thanks to this Mech Engineer, kids in Terengganu can learn Robotics for B40-friendly fees

Terengganu Robotics

Terengganu Robotics

Dzul himself is fond of this subject as it was something he was trained in during his university days. “I was even in the ROBOCON team where I represented my university in Robocon and Eurobots (Europe Robotics Competition) in Germany and France,” he proudly shared.

So, along with 2 other co-founders Yasser Rabanie and Khoirun Nisah who held backgrounds in robotics, programming, and branding, they launched JAZRO, a robotics education company for children. 

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Making Robotics Accessible

Gathering like-minded individuals, JAZRO started as a voluntary entity to help younger generations and communities in Kemaman, Terengganu. Taking into consideration the living cost for those in the region, monthly fees were set as affordable as possible.

Pre-pandemic, physical classes were held as an after-school activity for the students where equipment including robots and tablets was provided to make participating more accessible. Participants were never obligated to purchase their own robotics kits either.

“We did a lot of demonstrations of robots in schools before the pandemic. We taught our students in physical classrooms in our academy located in Kerteh, Kuala Terengganu, Dungun, and Chukai,”

Dzulfarqeish (Dzul)

How do you learn robotics without robots?

The biggest challenge for JAZRO during the MCO was teaching robotics classes to students who didn’t have their own robots to learn with. Dzul expressed, “How can you learn robotics class without hardware, right?” 

During virtual classes, the philosophy of never making kids buy their own hardware against their will was maintained. 

“So, we introduced our students to a simulation application so that they could simulate the coding they learnt. We found the students enjoyed learning in this environment too,”

Dzulfarqeish (Dzul)

JAZRO was able to find a new way to pivot its classes online during MCO 2.0, and built an e-learning platform for robotics by MCO 3.0. 


Terengganu Robotics

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