Temporary People, Permanent Damage

You! I am the person you dumped, yes, the one you hurt the most. The one who at all times cried at night and dumbfounded during daytime. The person that always says “yes, I’m okay!” But deep inside, shattered, in pain and dying.

I tried to get your attention every day. To the point that I painstakingly chose not to talk to you. Myself became so stupid, that I refused to listen to my friends’ advice. I hate to admit that at this very moment, I am still in love with you.

You’re the reason why I became more sensitive. The experiences we had hurt me so much, it made me cry all night. It turns out to be I get easily affected by movies which reminds me of us.

To tell you the truth, every night I fell asleep listening to the music which devastated my entire self, feelings and emotions. Sometimes I wish I could easily move on from everything we’ve been through, but at some point, I found myself crying inside this empty room. I am afraid that I might see you joyful with someone else.

Time heal all wounds

Hopefully, I would be able to forget all these heartaches and gradually move on. I have friends whom will make me smile and see the beauty of life without you. They are going to help me forget the agony you had cause.

I wish you didn’t regret all of your actions. Because if you do, you aren’t welcome into my life anymore. I’m gonna make you suffer from all of the sorrows you brought into my life. Karma will surely enjoy playing with you. And you will die of griefs and distress, you’ll remember how you ruined my faithful heart.

When the pain you left hurts no more, I am no longer in love with you. You’re going to be forgotten throughout my entire life as if you never existed. Everything will never come back.

Author: JC Matunan

JC is ponder and deliberate manager. He loves to penetrate discretely and dominate massively .

20 Replies to “Temporary People, Permanent Damage

  1. Unfortunately people hurt each other… sometimes they do in on purpose, sometimes they do it without realising. It’s always so hard to recover after a break up.

  2. This is raw and organic emotions all mixed together into a beautiful piece of writing. It left me with some many feelings

  3. This was a much needed post to be read. We eventually become dependent on the person or there is something that holds us….it was a really nice read.

  4. I’m sorry to hear this brother but trust me there’s always a reason for everything. I’ve been through some serious sh*t and I’m grateful that I did… It made me stronger and wiser. And that’s true, time heals. Just forgive and let it go. Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent free in your head. So just, let it go. 🙂

  5. Don’t let people win over your emotions. Sometimes it takes time to recognize people and by that time they will affect big time. Just think everything happens for a reason.

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