Team of engineers developed a mobile application assisting CDRRMO emergency response

Group of engineers under the program Master of Engineering Management of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology – Graduate School developed an “Interactive Mobile Application for Less Emergency Response Time – iMALERT” and recently published by International Journal Advance Engineering, Management and Science.

According to this data, road accidents have been a global problem. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said that 10, 012 individual died from road crashes in 2015 which leads the cause of deaths among 5-24 year-olds.

The Front-liners

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Fast response time is an important element during emergency. Front-liners in the government should make well-planned rescue strategies to avoid death and casualties. Radio communication is one way to quickly respond to emergencies.

“iMALERT” addresses the problem on emergency response. The mobile application “aimed to aid in emergency response activities of Palayan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office through real-time incident reporting”.

Embedded technology

Engineers Oscar P. Oganiza (CPE), Mae P. Reselva (ECE), Jayson Paul V. Vicencio (ECE), Rolando Casim Jr (EE) and Dr. Gener Subia (EE) developed this interactive mobile application integrated with database system that allows the people to serve as “human sensors”.

Using the smartphones’ Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities and a database system with integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) platform, it will provide more information about the location and areas’ topology to better assess the emergency. Additionally, the reports will be automatically available because of the optimized data server .

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The mobile application has an over-all total weighted mean of 3.66. This verifies its high level of accuracy, accessibility, functionality and security. It only shows how user-friendly the application. The app has a high level of security for its users and archived data. It is the first mobile application to be developed purposely for Palayan city.


This study only focuses on Palayan City. The findings do not translate entirely of all the people of Nueva Ecija. Additional studies should be done to further strengthen the result of this study.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

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