Syquia vs Lopez Case Digest – GR No. L-1648, August 17, 1949

Syquia vs Lopez Case Digest

Syquia vs Lopez Case Digest


Three apartments owned by 3 Syquias were leased by the United States Government. The duration of leases was to be “for the duration of the war and six months thereafter unless sooner terminated by the United States of America. Six months after Japan surrendered, the owners wanted to take back the apartment units. However, the officers advised that the US Army wanted to continue occupying the premises.

The owners granted the request until a specified date. On that date, the owners sent a formal notice to the defendants to vacate the premises or agree on several conditions of they intend to stay. To no avail, the defendants refused to comply. Hence, the petitioners filed a case.

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Whether or not petitioners can sue the defendants.


No. The defendants, although individually named were acting on behalf of the US Government, which can not be sued without its consent especially by citizens of another country.

The case is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

It is clear that the courts of the Philippines including the Municipal Court of Manila have no jurisdiction over the present case for unlawful detainer. The question of lack of jurisdiction was raised and interposed at the very beginning of the action

In conclusion, we find that the Municipal Court of Manila committed no error in dismissing the case for lack of jurisdiction and that the Court of First Instance acted correctly in affirming the municipal court’s order of dismissal. Case dismissed, without pronouncement as to costs.

Syquia vs Lopez Case Digest

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