Stan Chudnovsky is leaving Meta’s Messenger

Stan Chudnovsky

Stan Chudnovsky

As Facebook, now called Meta, has dealt with a wave of high-profile executive exits this year. The company faces increased regulatory scrutiny and a major public relations challenge following the release of internal documents and news reports illustrating how much Facebook knows about the harms caused by its services.

Last week, former Messenger boss and current crypto czar David Marcus announced he was leaving at the end of the year. Today, Meta’s current chief of the Messenger division Stan Chudnovsky announced he will be leaving Meta “at some point in Q2 of next year.”

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Chudnovsky joined Facebook in early 2015 as head of product for Messenger, later becoming chief of the division in mid-2018. Before joining Facebook, Chudnovsky had co-founded the venture firm NFX and had served as PayPal’s VP of Growth after the company acquired his software startup IronPearl in 2013.

“I’ve been working nonstop since I was 16, with about two-week breaks between my projects — always either starting companies, starting a venture fund (NFX) or running companies, merging companies, investing in companies or working at companies,”

Stan Chudnovsky

After Chudnovsky leaves his role, his colleague Loredana Crisan will take over. Crisan joined the Messenger team in 2016 and previously led design at Indiegogo.


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