SSS Employees Association vs Soriano Case Digest GR No L-18081, April 30, 1963

SSS Employees Association vs Soriano Case Digest

SSS Employees Association vs Soriano Case Digest

In a motion filed on May 21, 1963, respondents asked this Court to reconsider its decision rendered on April 30, 1963, or in the alternative, to require the court a quo to elevate the evidence the parties had submitted in the case for declaratory relief pending before the latter court (Civil Case No. 48516) in order that it may be taken into account in considering their motion for reconsideration. The alternative request was granted and, accordingly, the evidence above-referred to was elevated before this Court.

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The Social Security Commission filed on December 14, 1960, before the Court of First Instance of Manila a petition for declaratory relief wherein it asked that the Social Security System be declared as a governmental agency performing governmental functions so that its employees may be prohibited from joining labor unions and from compelling petitioners to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with them as well as from declaring strikes detrimental to the system


Whether SSS is a government agency exercising a governmental function



SSS is an organization performing ministrant functions. It is a government corporation and is proprietary in nature judging from its main functions of investment and insurance which were essentially proprietary without which its main objective cannot be carried out.

The functions of SSS is proprietary in nature with regard to GSIS

Finally, it is contended that the SSS is not operated for profit. This contention is also belied by the Philippine Social Security Bulletin of the SSS wherein in its l962 issue it is well explained how the funds of the System have been invested in real estate, banks, stocks and bonds of the government and of private companies, time deposits and savings deposits, which at that time amounted to P160,468,629.54, thus confirming the explanation given in the 1958 annual report of the SSC regarding the guide posts to be followed in the investment of the funds of the System.

There is, therefore, nothing in the evidence before us that may in any way us from our conclusion that the SSC or SSS is a government-owned or controlled corporation performing basically proprietary functions, and as such it comes under the operation of the Magna Carta Labor.

SSS Employees Association vs Soriano Case Digest

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