So, Why Cats are Afraid of Cucumber

Cats Vs Cucumbers. Why are Cats afraid of it

Cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pet. They’re independent and over sensitive feline pets. Furthermore, cats are basically miniature alliances that sometimes show dominance impulsive and a bit of neuroticism. It is natural for them to be suspicious. 

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They  are very domesticated which makes them loved by pet owners. Unlike dogs, cats followed humans thinking that humans will provide shelter, safety, and food.

 So why are cats afraid of cucumber? If you think about it, this is one of the biggest mysteries of humanities.  Though there are several studies about it, there’s no definite answer. There are lots of videos you can watch through the internet showing cats being flee in fear or startled after seeing harmless cucumbers. Moreover, cucumbers are fruits, not vegetables.

To elaborate this conjecture, we did some research to understand this kind of behavior. In the course of fact-finding we found out that cats aren’t actually afraid of cucumbers themselves. It’s because of the cucumber being placed in their back without them knowing. Instead, it’s possible that cats’ first instinct is to assume that the cucumber is a snake, which can be a deadly predator.

Their reaction is due to the unexpectedness of finding an unusual object secretly placed while their heads were down in the food bowl. Observing their behavior, cats only eat when they are sure that they’re not physically threatened by anyone or anything within the vicinity. In addition, cucumbers bear a resemblance to a snake. According to a Biologist, Jerry Coynes, cats have a natural tendency of fearing snakes.

There are other things cats are irrationally afraid of which make a lot more sense of the term “scaredy cat”. Here is the summary: balloons, banana, apples, turtle, vacuum, water and their own reflection in the mirror. But it isn’t very nice to scare your pets, especially when you do it for laughs. It can cause them to injure themselves or break something once they try to leap away.

Did you know that if cats are stressed they might stop eating and drinking? Moreover, they also might have severe diarrhea and vomiting. If that continues, it could lead to more severe medical issues that can eventually lead to death. Find something better and fun things to do with your cat without stressing them.

It is important to play with your cat even in just a few minutes a day. Though they seem to be content to sleep all day, cats have strong hunting instincts that need exercising. There are a lot more ways on how to indulge your feline friend while retaining their innate hunting instinct. Some of it is to play hide and seek with a stuffed animal.

Another hunting option is to play a mechanical toy because cats are attracted to an unpredictable moving object. One of the best ways to maintain both physical exercise and mental stimulation is by playing a cat food puzzle. It helps your cat’s mind to become sharp while keeping them happy and engage at the same time.

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