Being Smart Alone is not Enough in Computer Engineering

Smart Computer Engineer

After high school, it’s time to pursue a bachelor’s degree. You’ve graduated with decorations on your chest. And you hoped that one day you’ll become a badass computer engineer.

The question is, is being smart enough in computer engineering? Are there any other skills you should master? Or attitude you should develop?

You are highly confident you can finish the course on time without failure, just like what you did in secondary level of schooling.

Well, we are sorry to tell you that having decorations on your high school graduation won’t give you the title engineer.

Being smart alone is not enough.

But, if you really want to go through hardships at engineering school, here are some skills you have to learn and combine with your intelligence.


Engineering is not for the Faint-Hearted.

Expect failure.

During quiz, exam, or in any other tests, you will fail.

If you never ever experience failure in life, then embrace the reality that you will fail in computer engineering. It will hit you hard, will beat you hard. But you will surely learn.


Computer Engineering is like a game. There are various ways to solve a problem, to beat the boss.

That is why being smart won’t get you ahead in computer engineering. It should be combined with correct plan and strategy to get ahead.

Professors in universities, like, in computer engineering are also engineers. They know how things work. Also, they know how to twist every problem to train your brain in different situations.

Study the teaching habits of your professor. See what book they are using. Observe their mood, and what type of exam they usually give. Sometimes, they get the exams from books they are using.

In reality, it is important to have strong strategic skills.

Social Skills

The engineering field, especially the computer engineering area is composed of introverts.

I myself, is an introvert.

And I always want to keep my hardships to myself only. Sometimes, it is alright to open up to the world, share your thoughts and ideas. Open up your hardships even just for a bit.

Computer engineering is difficult, especially when you are battling against great odds on your own. It’s better to share the pain with people who truly understand you. It may lighten up the burden you are carrying in computer engineering.

There are fun things to do as a group like overnight group studies, and projects. Other ideas will give you fresh perspectives also that may help you go through and finish computer engineering hastily.

In the near future, you’ll be dealing with projects, and you will be handling a group of engineers. As a computer engineering student, train yourself to have a good social and communication skills.


This is the most important skill you have to master.

Studying computer engineering at engineering universities is tough, hard, and unforgiving. It is the harsh truth. The only way to finish this course is to love it.

This is one of the reasons why many students remain single until getting their diploma. Many computer engineering students choose relationships as their second priority.

This doesn’t mean you should not get into any relationship. But, considering the consequences, you have to love computer engineering, and focus on completing the course first.

Dedicate most of your time in computer engineering course, you’ll get the rewards soon after grabbing the awards.


The computer engineering course is a rough, bumpy road. The good thing is, after reading this article, you got some of the hacks you need to finish this course.

We all know that computer engineering is hard, yet, after all, everything will be worth it. 

-A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.

Smart Computer Engineer

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