Signos gives you real-time weight-loss advice based on your blood glucose levels

Signos weight loss

Signos weight loss

In a world where we count every step and measure every heartbeat, hopping on the scale once per week to keep half an eye on what your body is doing just won’t do. Even if you stand around on the glass oracle of mass a few times per day, the truth is that your body weight is a trailing indicator — it shows what has already happened, rather than what’s about to.

One leading indicator is your blood sugar level — and weight-loss startup Signos is betting that you’re curious enough about the difference between our respective metabolisms to sign up for real-time glucose monitoring and alerts to keep you in shape. It turns out that GV believes that, too, to the tune of leading the company’s $13 million Series A round.

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The basic science is this: If I eat a bowl of oatmeal, my blood sugar is going to spike. If I go for a walk or a run when it does, the glucose level in my blood will go down, which nips weight gain in the bud.

My body might react differently to different kinds of foods on different days, at different times, and depending on a whole raft of unpredictable features about my body, what I eat, and how I’m doing that day. Crucially, it’s no good to use my body as an example; yours is going to be different.

Signos believes that by continuously measuring, you can get the data you need to make healthier — or at least better informed — choices about what you’re putting in your body, and how often you shift your carcass around to shake off some of that weight again.

The Signos platform will help develop personalized answers to basic questions like what to eat, when to eat and what exercises help encourage weight loss. At the heart of the system is Dexcom‘s G6 continuous glucose monitoring devices, which are typically used for diabetes patients. Dexcom became an investor in Signos’ most recent investment round as well, as a strategic investor.

On top of the hardware component, which measures the glucose levels in the user’s blood every few minutes, Signos created an AI-enhanced app to offer real-time data and recommendations designed to drive sustained weight loss. At the beginning of their Signos experience, users log what they eat, enabling the Signos platform to learn their body’s reaction to specific foods. Once calibrated, Signos uses that data to provide personalized nutrition suggestions, including which foods are best for each user, when to eat and when to exercise to bring glucose levels back within their optimal weight loss range.


Signos weight loss

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