Top 8 Side Hustles for 2022 that earn $1,000/month

Side Hustles for 2022

Side Hustles for 2022

The year 2021 has changed the way we interact with each other. It has also changed how we do side hustles. The rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments have a great impact on how we pay off debt and help us grow our savings.

The growing number of technologies and mobile applications also help us to meet our daily needs and essentials. Also, the increase of valuable content that can be found online helps us plan future endeavors.

Today, there are many side hustles lurking around that may give you the income you want. However, some of these are lucrative and need an enormous amount of investment. Yet, there are some side hustles that are cheap that can give you high returns in just a matter of months.

Side Hustles for 2022

Play – to – Earn Games

Have you heard about Axie Infinity? It is an NFT Game that allows the gamers to earn a native token called “SLP” that can be exchanged with real money.

Axie in Infinity is one of the NFT games emerging in the blockchain platform. It has influenced the gaming industry by leveraging the P2E gameplay.

To start playing Axie Infinity, you have to buy three (3) Axies. A team can be purchased between $500 to $1,000 dollars. The more expensive a team is the higher chance of the ROI return in a small period of time.

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NFT Flipping

Flipping is a loose term for buying items at low prices and selling quickly for a profit. It’s existed forever— from the days of flipping trading cards, toys, and comics for profit.

You can only flip valuable stuff, and NFTs have proven to be valuable, rapidly attracting all sorts of investors. Besides holding Bitcoin and Alts or creating and collecting tokenized art for the long term, you might want to get in on high-volume NFT projects for quicker returns. Although risky, flipping NFTs is a relatively fast way to boost your portfolio.

Solana Monkey sells for over $2M, breaks the platform’s NFT sales record

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The world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve. What makes it more interesting is that it makes an unprivileged person rich in just a matter of seconds. That is how powerful it is. When the risk is well calculated, then perhaps being wealthy is just a matter of time.

Have you heard of the DogeCoin millionaire? He is one of many examples of why cryptocurrencies can change your life.

It is like NFT Flipping, but in cryptocurrencies, you have many options:

  • Trading
  • Staking
  • Mining

In trading, you will buy a cryptocurrency or a token at a low price, and sell it at 2x or 10x to get a profit. The higher the quantity you buy and sold, the higher the profit you will gain.

On the other hand, staking is by lending your cryptocurrencies and tokens in a liquidity pool. In return, the pool will give you interest depending on how much you’ve staked and how long you are staking. the higher and the longer you stake, the higher profit you’ll gain.

Lastly is the mining of cryptocurrency. The most popular coin to be mined is BTC. Yet, there are mineable coins and tokens in the crypto world. You just need to search for it. Mining crypto needs an investment. You need to buy a computer rig that will mine cryptos. A $1,000 dollar computer rig that mines 24/7 lets you receive the ROI of your investment in 2-4 months.

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Online Influencer

Social media has changed the lives of millions of people- including making some lucky ducks rich and famous!

Some influencers have literally built their businesses off of a social platform like Instagram, TikTok, or a YouTube channel. 

Livestreaming has become the craze over the past year. People are signing up for TikTok and BIGO LIVE, as well as tuning in to fish market sellers talking on their Facebook Live.

You could be selling your own products, or just appearing pretty and talking to your followers, and money comes streaming in, literally. According to Millennial Money, small-time streamers can earn from US$50 to US$1,500 per month.

Sponsorships can be an entry-level introduction to earning money via social media, but with time, some online personas snag sponsorships to the tune of a full-time income.

Influencers can sign on to Singapore’s live-streaming app BIGO and start growing their followers. The gifting application on the app allows followers to “send virtual gifts” to influencers.

Followers can send virtual “diamonds” to you, which are worth US$0.3474 per diamond. To earn about US$1,000, you will need to receive about 3,000 diamonds.

Food Delivery

The food delivery scene is not going away and is growing at a rapid pace. The fact is shown by the latest e-Conomy report from Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, which showed that the food delivery sector in Southeast Asia grew 33 percent in Gross Merchandise Value from a year ago.

In Singapore, it’s easy to sign up online to be a food delivery person. You can start making money on the road by signing up on the food delivery companies’ websites online and downloading their mobile phone apps.

Almost every popular restaurant and grocery store works with one or more delivery services. As a result, being a delivery driver is one of the most common part-time jobs.

The flexibility of being a delivery driver is one of its most appealing features. For example, you can easily work for just a couple of hours in the evenings after getting home from your other job.

With an average earning of $15 to $20 per hour, your cash can add up quickly — especially if you do a good job and receive generous tips.

MilkRun a Delivery Service lands new capital to Deliver Farm-Fresh Groceries

Online Food Store

Know how to cook a mean meal of laksa? How about some high-level baking skills that make your friends always show up unannounced?

Home-based food businesses have been on the rise due to the pandemic. People who used to bake or cook only for their families are trying out selling food via their own Instagram, or Carousell. Why? Because it’s just so easy to do it.

Many people have also turned to cooking during this period to destress (guilty as charged) and in that experience, they realize that they enjoy working in the kitchen.

You can start small, by making food and products for friends and family first. Then start charging for the food that you make. Many home-based food businesses started from their neighbors, friends, and family too.

You will earn your keep according to the demand of your food, so take nice pictures and get customers to post their reviews early on as a head start.

CocoBoss wants to show who’s ‘boss’ in the coconut shake scene.

Content Creator – Blogging / Vlogger

 If you start a blog, this could be you in a few short years and you will soon enjoy the financial and personal freedoms of being your own boss!

Running a blog can take time and effort, especially at the beginning to gain followers and affiliates, but if you write about your life, your passion, it can become the most lucrative side hustle of them all.

You may be wondering how a blog can make your side income- well you monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. Affiliate links are easy to incorporate into your blog, and once they’re on there, you have a passive income lined up!

Similar to blogging, YouTube is one of the Top-Paying Side Hustles that you can start today to invest time and effort into.

All you need to do is consistently create valuable and enjoyable content. Indeed, your earnings will grow with your viewership.

There are many ways to earn from YouTube. For instance, you can monetize your account with AdSense. In addition to that, you can do sponsored videos for companies.

Moreover, you can earn via affiliate marketing. There’s a variety of ways to earn through your YouTube channel.

One great benefit of monetizing your account is that old, monetized videos can easily become a recurring income from your videos.

Dropshipping Business

In dropshipping business, you LEGALLY sell products to your customers that you do not own. Basically, (1.) the customers place their orders with you (through your online platform. ex. website), (2.) you send their orders to your chosen suppliers, and lastly (3.) your suppliers ships the orders directly to your buyers.

Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce in which you sell items directly to customers without having to maintain products in stock.

In other words, if you are successful at dropshipping, you can earn money from selling other people’s stuff — without having to invest a large sum upfront to buy those items.

The E-commerce platform or online business, specifically the dropshipping business has plenty of advantages.

  1. Start without any experience at all.
  2. A low-cost capital.
  3. Manageable anywhere on the globe.
  4. Save’s you tons of money.
  5. You can change your products anytime you wish.
  6. Free and independent.

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There are many other ways of side hustles. Some are traditional and still capable of earning a decent amount of money. But, because of the current situation and the wide range of technologies, these are the most profitable side hustles for 2022. You may wanna try some other side hustles, but due to the pandemic, you might face challenges ahead due to some restrictions.

To summarize, here are the Top Side Hustles for 2022

  • Play-2-Earn Games
  • NFT Flipping
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Online Influencer
  • Food Delivery
  • Online Food Store
  • Blogging / Vlogging
  • Dropshipping

Side Hustles for 2022

  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I would love to have more side hustles for 2022. I am leaning towards dropshipping or starting with an online food store.

  2. I have a few friends that encouraged me to join Axie. The thing is that I don’t have time anymore, and I haven’t played a game in ages (DOTA girl here).

    PS: I’m thinking of starting a dropshipping business.

  3. This is an awesome side hustle list for 2022. I think that being a content creator is a great way to make some extra money.

  4. nice list! I doubt you can find a person who wouldn’t like to earn some extra without too much trouble. your list is pretty fun, never thought of nft

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