Is It Illegal to Share Netflix Account?

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netflix accounts sharing illegal

If you read the Netflix policy under the Access to Account and Profiles, Netflix allowed shared accounts.

The only problem you may have on a shared account is the streaming limitation. Where you and the other user won’t be able to watch at the same time. Also, If the person adds you on their plan, they might end up paying a little more towards using Netflix services.

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Netflix allows you to create five profiles on your account. Providing you convenient access for your family so that kids can have their own profile with individual viewing history, and recommendation.

As an account holder, you can put multiple members on your account though monthly charges may differ depending on your shared profile or screen. In that case, you can divide the monthly fee with them.

Sharing is Caring

It's illegal to share accounts like Netflix with other people, but ...
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During the third-quarter earnings webcast, Netflix Co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said that

“In terms of password sharing, no plans on making any changes there,”.

He also added that

“Password sharing is something you have to learn to live with, because there’s so much legitimate password sharing, like you sharing with your spouse, with your kids…. so, there’s no bright line, and we’re doing fine as is,”.

Though Netflix stated in their Terms of use that when a user signs up for an account, they automatically agree not to share a password. 

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At some point, Netflix’s rules are worded permissively that it’s hard to imagine the company’s objective about account sharing.

Netflix services are for your personal and non-commercial use only. It may not be shared with individuals beyond your household. Although Netflix can put any account on hold or crack it down at any time to prevent fraudulent actions.

The company is still focusing on how to prevent customers from sharing accounts and trading passwords.

Netflix Plans

But if you wish to have your personal account, there are four subscription plans that you can choose from, such as:

Mobile plan

It is the cheapest among the plans they can offer amounting to Php 149 monthly. You can stream on your mobile or tablet at a time with unlimited movies and TV shows with standard definition or SD.

Basic plan

With this you pay for the price of Php 369. In this plan, you can stream on one device at a time on TV shows and movies in standard definition (SD) and allows you to download titles to one phone or tablet. Sadly, it doesn’t support casting or mirroring on your mobile device.

Standard plan

Where you can stream in high definition or HD of your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix on two devices at the same time paying Php 459. This also allows you to download titles on two of your mobile devices or tablets.

Premium plan

It is a fully upgraded plan that costs Php 549 with ultra-high definition streaming of TV shows and movies on four devices at the same time. It also allows you to download on four mobile devices and tablets and casting or mirroring on your mobile device.


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