Sanders vs Veridiano II Case Digest – GR No. 46930, June 10, 1988

Sanders vs Veridiano II Case Digest.

Sanders vs Veridiano II Case Digest.


Private respondents Rossi and Wyers were advised that their employment had been converted from permanent full-time to permanent part-time. They protested this action which in effect led to several grievance proceedings. Even the grievants were under oath not to discuss the case with anyone, it was placed in public places where others not involved in the case could hear. Private respondents sued the herein petitions for invasion of their personal and propriety rights.

Syquia vs Lopez Case Digest – GR No. L-1648, August 17, 1949


Whether the petitions were performing their official duties when they did the acts for which they have been sued for damages.


Yes; and therefore they are being sued as officers of the United States Government. Such a complaint cannot prosper unless the government sought to be held ultimately liable has given its consent to be sued.

The petition is granted; the respondent Court is directed to dismiss the case. The temporary restraining order is made permanent.

YES. It is clear in the present case that the acts for which the petitioners are being called to account were performed by them in the discharge of their official duties. Sanders as director of the special services department of NAVSTA, undoubtedly had supervision over its personnel including the private respondents and had a hand in their employment, work, assignments, discipline, dismissal and other related matters. The act of Moreau is deadly official in nature, performed by him as the immediate superior of Sanders and directly answerable to Naval Personnel in matters involving the special department of NAVSTA.

Sanders vs Veridiano II Case Digest.

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