RushOwl the On-Demand Bus in Singapore offers bus sharing for As Low as S$2/trip

RushOwl the On-Demand Bus in Singapore

RushOwl on-demand bus singapore

RushOwl was established in 2018, but it started out as more of a “passion project”.

Back then, the idea was to develop a digital public transportation for anyone, anywhere to create their own commuting plans without waiting for city governments to build one for them

RushOwl, from the day of its inception, was always going to be a public transportation solution for the world, where communities — especially in masses — can create their own transport services through our platform. With that being said, RushOwl solves the lack of transportation connectivity in towns and cities.

Through our platform, we are able to meet the needs of basic mobility. We may not be able to see the impact entirely in Singapore, but in countries like Vietnam (and) India, the lack of public transportation creates deep societal issues like income equality.

Shin Ng, CEO of RushOwl

Starting up in the mobility industry wasn’t easy.

In the initial phase of their pre-app launch, however, RushOwl continued to be under intense scrutiny.

Regardless of what others had to say, Shin and his team forged ahead with their vision and continued developing their product.

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In fact, the criticism thrown at them served as fuel for them to work harder alongside their group of 200 super users to improve on their product features, reliability, and customer satisfaction levels.

The marked improvement in attaining a product-market fit boosted their traction in the market, attracting the attention of various operators.

The very idea of a bus-sharing app, or a “ride-sharing app for the masses”, was conceived when Shin went on a family trip to Hong Kong back in 2018.

Is bus-sharing a need in Singapore?

When choosing a transport mode, commuters often think of two factors: pricing, and convenience (or speed).

For commuters who opt for affordability, Singapore already has an efficient public transportation system, in which our buses and MRTs are all well-connected. If convenience (or speed) matters more, there are also plenty of cab and ride-hailing options available.

Due to the lack of drivers, passengers are significantly more impacted by longer transport intervals and high rejection rates.


RushOwl on-demand bus singapore

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