6 Fascinating Reasons People Play Axie Infinity

Reasons People Like Axie Infinity

Reasons People Like and Play Axie Infinity

You probably heard of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs. But chances are you don’t know that you can earn while playing an NFT game. Thanks to the game Axie Infinity, earning cryptocurrency while playing is possible.

Axie Infinity is a game where you breed and battle monsters called Axies in exchange for Etherium (SLP/AXS). While this game is relatively new, a lot of people are already hooked to it for different reasons.


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Why do People Play Axie Infinity?

People are generally fond of online games. But what makes them like Axie Infinity more than any other game is the fact that it provides them a good and fun way to earn income. However, that is not the only reason why many people are having fun playing this game.

Below are the reasons why Axie Infinity is popular among all ages:

Good side hustle

 Axie Infinity allows you to earn money by breeding, battling, and trading Axies. Every time players compete with others, they will earn Small Love Potions (SLP). Players could trade their SLP tokens with money in crypto exchanges, making the game a great side hustle. As of the time of writing, the SLP to USD rate is $0.255305.

Axie Infinity is just starting

Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, built the game based on the view of the Axie community. So, you can ensure that it is considering everyone’s feedback whenever it updates the game. That said, Axie Infinity is exactly how the community wants it to be.

Additionally, Axie Infinity became extra popular just this year, making it a fresh game for many people.

Your Axies are 100 percent yours

Every Axie lives on the blockchain. For this reason, all your Axies are entirely yours. You can collect and use them for games. You can even sell them to other players for a profit.

Fascinating community

The Axie community has gamers, influencers, and people who share the same interests. For this reason, it is easy to join discussions and ask questions as there are many people who will share their answers with you.

It’s fun to grow and battle Axies

Axies are not your typical cute digital creatures. You can grow them and use them to join three vs. three battles. The more you breed Axies, the more EXP you will gain, thus allowing you to increase your collection.

You can also save EXP and use it to upgrade your Axies in the future. The more you upgrade your Axie, the more expensive their market price will be if you plan to sell them.

Axies are expensive

Axie Infinity has an active secondary market. Meaning its players can freely trade and sell their Axies.

For instance, players can put their Axies up for auction where they can choose both the start and end price. Through this process, two Triple Mystic Axies were sold recently for a total of 500 ETH of $1.1 million.


There are many reasons to like Axie Infinity. It lets people enjoy themselves while giving them a side hustle. Additionally, it shows that cryptocurrency is much more than digital money. That said, more and more people are wanting to join the Axie community.

Reasons People Play Axie Infinity

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