Real Love?

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My advice to anyone reading this to first ask yourself if you are happy then find the courage to be alone and leave behind anyone who doesn’t deserve you.

My advice to anyone who wants real love is that you begin self-love first.

Self-love meaning, take care of your own heart. Preserve your time for those who truly matter and do more of what makes you smile even if it means doing it by yourself.

It begins with you. Spend some time with yourself and get to know who you actually are. Know what you want, need and deserve and put a lot of energy into finding what you deserve.

I hope you know you are loved. I hope things get simple for you, peaceful. Spend your days with easy breaths and soft words. You deserve light through your windowsill. I hope it come your way soon.

I hope you find the real love you deserve, a love what you won’t have to question.

It is okay

Begin your story today. Those mistakes you’ve made along the way are lessons, not failures. You were meant to get back up and find a way that resonates with you.

There is no expiration date to reinventing yourself.

Perhaps it is just easier to smile and pretend everything is fine, rather than admit my heart’s a little swollen from losing something that wasn’t even mine.

Be gentle

Of all the important things you must do today, there is non greater than showing kindness to your heart.

For even the brightest makes mistakes and the wiser do not have a thing to say.

Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself, even on your darkest day.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

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