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Real Love?

My advice to anyone reading this to first ask yourself if you are happy then find the courage to be alone and leave behind anyone who doesn’t deserve you. My advice to anyone who wants real love is that you begin self-love first. Self-love meaning, take care of your own […] Read More

Broken Promises

If they break the promises that they once made, it does not mean that you were not worth making these promises come true. It means that they are no longer willing to put an effort to live up to their words. You did your part by believing their words. And […] Read More

Team of engineers developed a mobile application assisting CDRRMO emergency response

Group of engineers under the program Master of Engineering Management of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology – Graduate School developed an “Interactive Mobile Application for Less Emergency Response Time – iMALERT” and recently published by International Journal Advance Engineering, Management and Science. According to this data, road accidents […] Read More