Moom Health: This S’pore startup offers personalized health supplements from S$1/day

Moom Health health supplements

Moom Health health supplements

For starters, Moom Health is a personalized supplement platform that aims to transform women’s health from a one-size-fits-all to tailor-made one. Your Moom journey starts with their expert-backed questionnaire to discover how to uniquely support your mind and body.

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After that, you get personalized recommendations packed into daily sachets and delivered monthly to your doorstep.

Currently, Moom has a total of nine supplements that vary from long-time favorites such as B-complex to stars of Ayurveda such as Ashwagandha.

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Maya and Mili Kale of Moom Health

Tailor-made Healthcare vs a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

For Maya and Mili, Moom Health was an idea that was years in the making. After all, the duo has always been exposed to traditional healing modalities as their parents grew up in India.

During their schooling days, supplements were given to them, sort of like a side dish during meal times. When they both went to college, their mother would pack some of their supplements into individual daily bags —repurposed jewelry bags were the early prototype of Moom.

After years of research, countless appointments, and spending too much money, she found a solution in natural medicine and holistic healing. She could confidently say that this worked for her but cautioned that this is not a blanket solution for all those suffering from PCOS.

Creating a ritual with Moom

Personalisation allows you to make sure that what you are consuming is tailored to your needs and goals

Maya and Mili Kale of Moom Health

For example, let’s take someone who is concerned about their skin health as opposed to someone else who might want to focus on their pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), the supplement Super Curcumin might be an overlap.

To ensure the best results, someone targeting skin health should pair their Super Curcumin with a Synbiotic or Super Amla. Then, for someone targeting PMS, they should pair it with Magnesium instead.


Moom Health health supplements

  1. Interesting, I had never heard of Moom Health health supplements but I like what Maya & Mili Kale are doing to create a sustainable, cost effective, yet personalized health regimen for anyone looking to improve their overall physical health.

  2. Moom Health’s products look promising and it’s affordable too. I’d be more inclined to go with ‘tailor-made.’ What works for me may not work for you.

  3. Moom Health looks like a great personalized supplement platform that aims to transform women’s health. Will love to try it

  4. I love the number of personalized treatments out there. even though not all the companies who claim it actually do it I do think finding a working one is for the better

  5. Oh, this sounds good! I would like to be one to try this! Thanks for sharing this, let’s all continue living a good and healthy life!

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