How To Monetize Unused Internet Bandwidth

Monetize Unused Internet Bandwidth

Monetize Unused Internet Bandwidth

The internet has become a vital part of daily life, similar to utilities such as water, gas, and electricity. Reliance on internet connectivity has transformed the ways in which people communicate with one another, as well as how businesses and economies interact worldwide. As of the year-end 2021, nearly 2/3rds of the world’s population is connected to the internet, totaling 4.9 billion people.

However, despite the increasing need for bandwidth, many internet customers do not use 100% of their bandwidth 24/7. Meanwhile, internet service providers (ISPs) steadily increased the cost of internet access by ~4% year over year. A new technology software called PKT introduces a way for global internet customers to turn their unused bandwidth into cash.

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How Does PKT Work?

Launched in 2019, PKT is free-to-use software that monetizes unused bandwidth. Anyone with internet connectivity can easily install PKT’s PacketCrypt software on nearly any computer or compatible mobile device.

The PacketCrypt software performs a mining function called announcement mining, which requires hardware processing power and upload bandwidth. Each announcement miner continuously transmits small packets of data called announcements into the PKT Network. The announcements are then received and used by PKT mining pools to win PKT Cash ($PKT) mining rewards. PKT Cash is paid to miners in the PKT Network every 60 seconds.

When a PKT pool wins a reward, the pool pays each miner a share of the reward based on the contributed bandwidth and processing power. The more compute power and bandwidth allocated, the higher the rewards. While the announcements do not contain any sensitive data, this proof of work (PoW) builds a robust, high-speed data network called the PKT Network.

How Is The Bandwidth Used?

The PKT Network is formed as a result of miners connecting their compute power and bandwidth to the network from around the world. Announcement miners are paid in PKT Cash to expend CPU effort and upload speed to prove they have high-quality connections. The CPU effort used in PacketCrypt is the same encryption algorithm for VPN, which provides end-to-end encrypted infrastructure for unlimited real-world network use cases. 

Why Connect To The PKT Network?

PKT is designed to build a high-speed network that is powered by the people. This helps get new people connected to the internet without relying on monopolistic ISPs. The PKT Network is an edge network that empowers people in their homes and businesses to repurpose their unused bandwidth. Currently, the way to get on the internet is to pay a monthly subscription to a centralized ISP. The PKT Network is scaling to enable people to share local internet connectivity via mesh networking. This can bring forth a new opportunity for people to have greater choice and competition to get on the internet peer to peer, instead of only through a traditional ISP.

Is it safe?

When ISPs sell internet access, the bandwidth is “use it, or lose it.” With PKT, the bandwidth being utilized would normally go unused. PKT enables people to convert their unused bandwidth into passive income. Since mining PKT uses available bandwidth, internet customers must be aware of data caps or any limitations imposed by their ISP. Some unlimited data plans are not truly unlimited. It is important to determine the value of PKT earnings in relation to internet costs.


Monetize Unused Internet Bandwidth

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