These M’sians MindAppz e-learning site now has 180K users

MindAppz e-learning site

MindAppz e-learning site

E-learning and edutech sites have been mushrooming over the pandemic, but back in 2018, you could say Malaysia lacked attractive options.

Noticing that there was no one-stop platform for education yet, Thinesh and Kavi decided to build two products simultaneously: an E-Tuition platform for students 7-17, and MindAppz, an online learning marketplace for university students, working professionals, or anyone else who wants to upskill.

Leading the company with their combined 15 years of experience in education and IT, the duo believes they still have what it takes to make their solutions stand out in a landscape that now has similar players like ReSkills, MyClaaz, and more.

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Catering to various Interests and Learning styles

Taking a look at MindAppz, I would say it definitely covers a wider breadth of topics compared to other edutech sites in Malaysia. For example, you can find topics from the usual business and personal development ones to even music and nature.

While the homepage and category pages appear a little disorganized, there are at least filters to help you pinpoint the desired subject.

CEO Thinesh told Vulcan Post that he believes every student has their own unique learning needs, so MindAppz employs a differentiated learning methodology.

This means the marketplace offers subjects in the form of live classes, quizzes, interactive practice, video lessons, revision courses, and more, for a 360-degree approach to learning, which the filters can help narrow down.

Letting Students Judge the Quality of their Learning

Unlike other platforms, however, MindAppz takes a more hands-off approach when it comes to vetting its merchants.

Instead, students themselves decide how valuable a product (class, course, e-book, etc.) was for them through ratings and reviews, which other learners can make a decision based on.

Currently, the marketplace has almost 2,000 online educational products offered by merchants such as UiTM Press, UPSI Press, Drawzania, Prestasi Cemerlang, and more.

MindAppz doesn’t charge any onboarding or setup fees to them; it employs a 50-50 revenue-sharing strategy for every successful transaction.

I can’t speak for the quality of MindAppz’s offerings, but if the recognition it’s received from other Malaysian organizations is anything to go by, it’s had an impact on the learning landscape.

Over the course of 3 months, Thinesh said that they were able to learn valuable insights on planning and navigating their entrepreneurial journey.

“We target urban parents seeking high quality and innovative delivery of content to their children, while making learning fun and contextual,”



MindAppz e-learning site

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