Maker of the Muse meditation headband raises $9.5M

meditation headband

meditation headband

I’m a mediocre meditator, at best. Some weeks I meditate every morning, and others go by without doing it at all. Turns out healthy habits are a lot harder to develop than good ones. I’ve tried a few different pieces of meditation hardware over the years, because who wouldn’t love to have a nice shortcut to mindfulness?

Of the products I’ve tried, Muse is the one that I found legitimately useful. Nothing is going to make you a great meditator overnight (or stick with it long-term), of course, but the product was useful in helping me establish a more regular practice.

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This week, Muse’s maker, Interaxon (probably time to just change the company name to Muse), announced a $9.5 million Series C, led by BDC Capital, Sonny Vu’s Alabaster and Export Development Canada. The funding is on the low side, by 2022 standards, but it finds the Toronto-based firm reading the launch of a new subscription service set to arrive early next year.

From the sound of it, it’s a similar shift into a premium subscription service as the one Oura went through a while back. Here the company is leveraging the headband’s EEG readings to offer personalized insights and create a kind of global meditation database, where users can compare themselves to the average.


meditation headband

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