What is the Marianas Web?

marianas web

marianas web

Mariana’s Web, the name given to the deepest part of the internet, and the name are inspired by Mariana’s Trench. Mariana’s Trench is the deepest trench in the world with a depth of approximately 7 miles (11.3 Km). Most of the parts remain unknown about it and scientists are still studying what resides in its dark depth. And therefore, the deepest part of the internet is named after it.

It is the darkest corner of the internet which claimed to have data such as the location of holy Grail and unpublished Vatican incidents and stories which is impossible to hack and considers as the fifth level of legendary eight levels of the internet.

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How Marianas Web is accessed?

  • It is accessed by using a network quantum computers with software architecture that can store and process information on artificially modified photons
  • Quantum computers allow particles to exist in two states simultaneously this structural instability means it is impossible for hackers to penetrate

Does it Really Exist?

  • The Marianas web origins are mostly from forum based discussions no one ever claimed to visit this web it is only hypothetical
  • Marianas web is possible but the technology required to create such is not available right now

Levels of Web

  • Surface Web
    • The 1st level is the Surface Web also called the Visible Web, Indexed Web, Indexable Web or Lightnet which we use every day for our general use. It is accessible through normal means i.e., using a web browser as such Google ChromeFirefox, etc.
  • Bergie Web
    • The second level is last normally accessible level of internet i.e., bergie web. All levels that follow this one must be accessed with a proxy, Tor or by modifying your hardware.
  • Deep Web
    • In Deep Web no search-engines can index sites. The first part of it can be accessed by using proxy. It contains CP, core, hacking websites.
  • Charter web
    • Charter web is also divided in two parts. The first can be accessed through Tor. It is the most accessed part of the deep web. This second part of the Charter Web contains hardcore CP, Child Pornography, experimental hardware information (“Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors”), but also darker information
  • Mariana’s Web
  • Level 6
    • The Level 6 acts as an intermediatory between Marianas Web and therefore the Level 7 is also called as THE FOG/VIRUS SOUP. At this point you really start getting attention you don’t need i.e., people come to kill you. It might sound terrifying, but it is the truth.
  • The Fog / Virus Soup
    • This level is like a warzone. Every other person is trying to reach the level 8. This is basically a sort of a fight between people trying to overthrow the other for having the sole power of the internet in the world.
  • The Primarch System
    • The last level: the Primarch System is impossible to access directly. the Primarch System is literally the thing controlling the internet. No government has control of it.


marianas web

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