Marcos Vs. Manglapus Case Digest – G.R. No. 88211 October 27, 1989

Marcos Vs Manglapus Case Digest


Former President Ferdinand Marcos and his family fled to Hawaii after he was overthrown from power. On the death of Marcos, petitioners were asking the court to order the respondents to issue their travel documents and enjoin the implementation of the Presidents decision to bar their return to the Philippines.

Petitioners contend under the Bill of Rights provisions that the President is without power to impair their liberty of abode because only a court may do so “within the limits prescribed by law”. Nor according to the petitioners may the President impair their right to travel because no law has authorized her to do so.



Whether or not the President has the power to bar the Marcoses from returning to the Philippines?


Yes. Under the Constitution, the President has the obligation to protect the people and promote their welfare and national interest.

The documents and history of the Marcoses and their followers to destabilize the country are enough basis to conclude that their return would only intensify violence.

Marcos Vs Manglapus Case Digest

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