How to Become a Likable Computer Engineer at Work

Likable Computer Engineer

Every one of us wants to be admired by our co-workers. As computer engineers, we should strive hard to be admired by the people we work with.

As we work, especially in the engineering industry, it’s the other way around. It is very hard to be admired and be likable due to work pressures. Also, stress also goes with our daily job because of numerous reasons.

As much as possible, be good to everybody. Be professional at all times with one another.

Considering the statement above, it is one way of climbing the corporate ladder. Especially young computer engineers who want to get on top as quickly as possible.

To all my fellow computer engineers, read and comprehend this article carefully. Just like your corporate life depends on it.

Many computer engineers work alone, or sometimes have a hard time in a team environment. You should have to develop sociability skills to make you likable to them.

It may give you a hard time improving socialization or being likable, yet, take your time to do it. These habits would come naturally after the test of time.

Get to Know Your Co-Workers

Always make sure you know who you are working with. You should know them, and call them by their names. Also, make sure to spend some time getting to know them.

When would you do it? You may want to spend your lunch with them, or even during coffee breaks. Knowing them and their interests may give you an idea of how you should treat every one of them.

Having this kind of time will also improve the quality of your team.

As Much as Possible, Offer your Help

We, computer engineers, are always busy. Projects come and pile up. It seems that you have to finish all those things riled up on your table.

Take a break!

Pause for a while and offer to help someone in your office. They might have a difficult time like you dealing with stress at work.

Offering assistance makes an impact. It allows you to build a better network and relationship with your officemates.

Always Smile

Smiling is contagious. We all know that. If we smile more, people tend to also smile at you, and approach you more.

Computer Engineers, show off your pearly whites and who knows what comes next. You might make someone feel better at work.

Additionally, smiling makes you more competent. So, keep smiling!

Praise someone’s work.

Every one of us wants to be praised.

Check on someone at work who needs and deserves an acknowledgment and appreciation for all the good work he/she has done. Praise them for a job well done, it won’t hurt you.

That simple gesture of appreciation makes that person’s day. It will give that person a sense of importance. It will also motivate the person to do better at work.

Show Gratitude

If someone helped you finished a project, do not just say “Thank You”.

Show them how grateful you are for the help they’ve given to you. Showing thankfulness makes the people appreciate you more (and make them want to help you again).

If you happen to pass by a coffee shop before heading to work, buy that person a donut or a cup of coffee to show them you are thankful for their kind deed.


These lifehacks are important. It is quite true that it would help you reach the corporate ladder. Follow these hacks to be a more likable computer engineer. These won’t hurt your feelings or pocket. A little smile for a good day ahead, a simple appreciation message for your co-worker for a job well done, a generous treat will, and the habit to redo all these kinds of stuff will surely make you a likable computer engineer.

-If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likable person.

Likable Computer Engineer

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