The teachers and the learners experience to enjoy instructions every day in school in the old normal but now that we experience the fatalistic effect of covid 19 everywhere, the Department of Education finds methods on how education would continue in the new normal.  In times of pandemic, wherein NF2F contact between the teacher and the learners, what appropriate learning delivery modality is needed to attain the basic quality education on the part of our learners?

The whole academe with the leadership of our DepEd Secretary never give up on serving teachers and learners and let students gain knowledge and skills and be competent learners even we experience the effects of virus spreading in our country.  Different learning delivery modalities are offered and implemented properly in addressing the issues and concern in the continuity of Basic Education. They seek pedagogies in order to know what effective learning delivery modality is appropriated to students.

Modular Distance Learning involves individualized instruction designs as an art of emerging instruction that allows students to use self-learning modules in digital form or in the form of printed materials whichever is appropriate or   essential in learning competencies. The learners are independent who learn on their own pace and feel free to use their own style of learning in this type of learning. The use of books, study workbook, activity sheets are also used. Those who can afford to use USB, OTG, laptop, phones, tablet and other electronic devices can access to the learning materials. Their parents serve as their teachers at home. Many of their parents choose this type. The teachers are expected to assist learners via messenger- e-mail, group chat or telephone. They are liable in the progress of learning and in gaining competencies derived from the Most Essential Learning Competency (MELC). Most of the children without internet connectivity preferred to use this modular method wherein the cognitive, visual, auditory and kinesthetic   help them receive and process the information given. Reading the discussions on the printed materials help them sharpen their reading skills and comprehension as well. Effectiveness of Modular approach is that there is consistency of flexible arrangement and development and the learners become more independent in executing the desired style of learning of the students.

The other type of LDM is the Blended Distance Learning. They have access on different platforms for self-preparation. This type of learning students learns via on-line class with internet access, tv-based, radio -based or sometimes combination of two choices the learners preferred. It is a method that give students more flexibility to customize their learning experience.

The advantage of this learning modality, teachers and learners are more engaged and connection are enhanced in accomplishing activities. It also portrays increasing opportunity for the learners to query more ambiguous lessons. Giving more clarity to certain issues. This modality also helps to reduce stress in learning and augment decisiveness instead because of the interaction process from the teachers and the learners. It is indeed one of the most important strategic formats that optimize active learning desire and improve student learning output. If possible, teachers can visit the struggling learners who do not have knowledge providers at home. Anyone in the community who is willing to give assistance to learners needing remediation is called para- teacher.



Teacher III, Palayan City Central School, Division of Nueva Ecija

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