Lawyers League vs Aquino Case Digest, GR No 73748 – May 22, 1986

Lawyers League vs Aquino Case Digest

Lawyers League vs Aquino Case Digest

Prescinding from petitioner’s lack of personality to sue or to bring this action, (Tan vs. Macapagal, 43 SCRA 677), it is elementary that this Court assumes no jurisdiction over petitions for declaratory relief. More importantly, the petition amounts in effect to a suit against the incumbent President of the Republic, President Corazon C. Aquino, and it is equally elementary that incumbent Presidents are immune from suit or from being brought to court during the period of their incumbency and tenure.

SSS Employees Association vs Soriano Case Digest GR No L-18081, April 30, 1963


On February 25, 1986, President Corazon Aquino issued Proclamation No. 1 announcing that she and Vice President Laurel were taking power. On March 25, 1886, Proclamation No. 3 was issued providing the basis of the Aquino government assumption of power by stating that the “New Government” was installed through a direct exercise of the power of the Filipino people assisted by units of the New Armed Forces of the Philippines.


Whether or not the government of Corazon Aquino is legitimate.



The legitimacy of the Aquino government is not a justiciable matter. It belongs to the realm of politics where only the people of the Philippines are the judge. And the people have made the judgment; they have accepted the government of President Corazon C. Aquino.

For the above-quoted reason, which are fully applicable to the petition at bar, mutatis mutandis, there can be no question that President Corazon C. Aquino and Vice-President Salvador H. Laurel are the incumbent and legitimate President and Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines.or the above-quoted reasons, which are fully applicable to the petition at bar,

Lawyers League vs Aquino Case Digest

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