Iphone 12 Price UK 2020 – Specifications and Review

In this blog, we will be tackling the iPhone 12 Price UK 2020, it’s basic specification and In-Depth Review. This is after my 2-week usage and observance of the new iPhone 12 from Apple.

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Out of the box, it is iOS 14, also, 15gb of storage was occupied by built-in apps and free apps from apple. But you can update your iPhone 12 to 14.2.1 version and all other outdated apps which can optimize the current storage of the phone.

To date, I haven’t used 100gb of storage in my iPhone. 13gb belongs to my recently added essential apps plus the built-in apps amounting to 15gb. So, I think, I won’t be able to maximize its storage until 2025.

The good and bad thing of the iPhone storage is that, yes, it offers auto-sync and back up of photos on the cloud, but, the maximum storage is only 5gb. And if you want to get more storage, you have to start paying monthly fees. If they can only give us even 20gb of free icloud storage, I don’t think that’s too much.


It has 2815 MAH of battery, so my first step was to disable all unnecessary apps which can help to extend the phone’s battery life. I got an average of 8 hours on social media, netflix, youtube and slight mobile games. It would take 2-3 days of average battery consumption on standby, messaging and calling.

According to articles that I read, the reason why it only has 2815 MAH of battery is that, it is optimized by the new A14 Bionic Chip. In this arena, we have to dig deeper and understand the integration of battery and its new A14 bionic chip.


I’ve tested its camera on photo and video. A 4-min video with 4k 60fps recording got me 1.65gb of size. The video recording caught my attention, it’s excellent and superb. It is my first time to view such kind of video (on a phone) in my entire life.  

The downside which I have noticed was the transition of cameras between the Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom. There is a small glitch when you zoom in and zoom out the camera from 0.5x (13mm) to 1x(26mm). I don’t think if it’s a hardware problem or if it can be fix on a software update. I hope it can be fixed through a software update.

With these 3 considerations (storage, battery and camera) I’m going to give the iPhone12 a rating of 8/10.

iPhone 12 Prices in the UK

Wrapping it Up

I think buying Apple Products is worth it. Since I’m new in the Apple ecosystem (I’m planning to buy more apple products), and I would love to try more apps in the iPhone and how can I benefit from it.

To new users like, Try it out, I think, it meets my expectation, regardless of my observation about its camera transition.

To former users of iPhone, from X to 11, I advise you not to upgrade since it doesn’t have any major upgrade. And your devices are still worth using. But below the latter’s version. You may want to upgrade your phones to the latest model. I’ve read that support will stop on iPhone 7, so try upgrading.

Should I buy it?

Yes, if you are using iPhone X below and you want to try iOS. No, If you are using iPhone 10 up.

In this blog, we had tackled the iPhone 12 Price UK 2020, it’s basic specification and In-Depth Review. This is after my 2-week usage and observance of the new iPhone 12 from Apple.

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