iPhone 12 Charging Brick Alternative – Philippines 2021

In this review, we will look for an alternative iPhone 12 charging brick, wall adapter, wall charger in the Philippines.


On November 16, 2020, I purchased my first iPhone. It comes with a lighting cable, sim ejector, and manuals. But it doesn’t come with a charging brick. According to Apple, they are selling iPhones without charging a brick due to environmental reasons. However, you can separately buy a charging brick and a Magsafe charger which are both expensive.


I am new to the iPhone, yet, but I know what is included if I buy this new iPhone 12. So before buying it, I already review certain charging brick that can replace Apple’s MagSafe and charging brick.

I consider these 2 charging bricks, the Anker 60w Charging Brick, PowerPort Atom PD, and Aukey. but what I had purchased was the Anker 60W Charging brick because of the listed below considerations.


The Anker Official Store can be found on different online stores such as the famous Lazada and Shopee. To prove its legitimacy in there, you can browse its Official Store or Flagship Store. Since as of this writing, there is no physical store here in Cabanatuan City, I purchased it online thru Lazada and was delivered after a week.

They have physical stores located in various SM Malls, Pampanga, North Edsa, and alike. You can visit their official website here and find the nearest store in your place.


My 1st Anker product was the 10,000 mAH power bank which I purchased in 2017. I’m still using it as a reserved battery for my phones and other small devices. It’s worth the price, I bought it for roughly Php 3,000.

Secondly, the Anker Micro-USB to Type-C Cable. This cable is being used as a connector and charging cable to my Samsung Galaxy A50 2017. It costs me Php 875 plus the shipping fee.

So, my 3rd Anker Product was the 20,000 mAH PowerCore III portable charge with Type-C and Micro USB Port. This was an upgrade of my former 10K MAH power bank. It can charge my iPhone 6-8 times. I bought it in SM Pampanga last October 2020 and costs me roughly Php 3,000.

As you can see, Anker really got my back when it comes to phone accessories.

Top-Rated Reviews

Unlike other brands, the Anker has been rated and reviewed by tech reviewers like pcmag, nytimes, nymag, and theverge.

In their reviews, they have presented various Anker products such as wall chargers, power bricks, eufy cams, liberty pro (TWS earbuds), sound cores, and power cables. They have already made an article beating the Samsung and Apple products in those areas. If you want to check those reviews, the aforementioned reviewers have hyperlinks, click on them.

What Now?

I bought an alternative wall charger for my iPhone 12 is the PowerPort Atom PD 60W 2-Port USB C Charger, GaN Tech. It costs me roughly Php 3,000.

Simultaneous Charging

Why 60w? First, it is basically divided into a 2-30W port. I can charge 2 phones or 2 power banks or vice versa simultaneously. I can charge my iPhone and my 20,000 mAH power bank at the same time. If I buy the 20W charging brick of Anker, I’ll still wait for it to finish the charging of the first device before using it again.

So that I can charge 2 devices simultaneously in a short period of time.

Prospective thinking

The second is just a perspective. According to some articles, a 30W charger can charge up a Macbook Air. As my recent post, I would love to enjoy this iOS ecosystem thru purchasing other Apple products. Buy the end of 2021, maybe I could have the Mac Air where I can use the Anker 60W charging brick as an alternative for the MacAir. We don’t know if Apple would do the same scenario on apple, releasing it without a wall charger.

Wrapping it Up

This is just a guide for you. This review is just an insight into what could be a better replacement for apple products that are budget-friendly and worth the price. You might not want to buy the 60W wall charger, but you can purchase the 20W Anker at a much cheaper price.  

You can also review the Aukey products. I think they are also a good alternative for Apple’s expensive accessories.

In this review, we were able look for an alternative iPhone 12 charging brick, wall adapter, wall charger in the Philippines.

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