Singapore Intellect App promotes Mental Health – saw 2.5M users in 2 years

intellect app

intellect app

It’s no surprise that since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of mental health has been at the forefront of many conversations. While that is an encouraging sign, the discussion surrounding mental health in our Asian context does differ slightly.

It might surprise many that mental health does look very different in the East as opposed to the West. Even though we are informed about terms like ‘self-care’ and recognize that we might be languishing, there are still issues that need to be addressed in terms of accessibility, stigma, and perception when it comes to mental health.

With these in mind, Theodoric Chew, the 25-year-old CEO and co-founder of Intellect app sought to bridge these gaps and normalize caring for one’s mental wellbeing.

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How Intellect came about

Before building the app in 2019, Theodoric first identified three challenges facing the mental health scene.

  • Cost
    • it’s no secret that seeking therapists or psychologists cost a pretty penny. In fact, seeking professional help is still a luxury that not everyone can afford.
  • The stigma surrounding mental health
    • “Asians typically see mental health as an extreme case scenario, relating therapy to things like schizophrenia and even suicidal thoughts.”
  • The shortage of mental health practitioners

Besides trying to fill those gaps, Theodoric also has a personal stake in creating Intellect. During his younger years, Theodoric has gone through his fair share of mental health challenges with anxiety and panic attacks.

How Intellect benefits both businesses and the individuals

Intellect offers an end-to-end, 24/7 mental healthcare system in a single app.

The team focused on two objectives, scaling accessibility to support no matter what is needed and shifting the narrative of mental health.

We’re educating users that mental wellbeing is for everyone. You don’t need to be in a critical state to start working on who you are

Theodoric Chew

Besides that, Intellect is also focused on building a better you. The app focuses on fostering resilience and helping users not only improve but excel as an individual.


intellect app

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