Increase Sperm Counts: This S’pore Startup Created a Device that Improves Transport to the Egg

increase sperm count

increase sperm count

Dr. Benjamin Tee had always wanted to build a family and have kids of his own. Benjamin and his wife started actively trying late in his career, and conception was unfortunately much slower than he had hoped.

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Fertility challenge is a common problem

Benjamin and Pru made an initial investment to start the company and later raised pre-seed and seed funding from top investors, including Y-Combinator and Golden Gate Ventures.

They managed to raise over US$2 million to help drive the product development, which they found particularly challenging given the medical need and anatomy.

Through discussions with many couples, as well as consultations with top fertility doctors and specialists from Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley, they found that having an easy-to-use, at-home device that enhances the chances of sperm cells reaching the egg at the right time was a technological gap that was not addressed well.

Currently, there isn’t much that couples can do to improve the transport of sperm towards the egg. Unfortunately, a large number of sperms are lost during copulation and less than one per cent of sperms make it to the cervical mucus.

Considering that sperm count among men has halved in the last 40 years, it’s important that we reduce the loss of sperm during copulation as much as possible.

– Dr. Benjamin Tee, co-founder of twoplus fertility

How does it work?

In the average ejaculate, there is an average of about 100 million sperm. More than two million need to enter the cervix so that hundreds can reach the egg for fertilization to occur.

However, many sperm will not survive the acidic environment in the vagina. Combine that with the decreasing average sperm count in men, having a sufficient number of sperm reaching the egg becomes more challenging than ever.

This is where the twoplus sperm guide comes in handy. It is a small and soft device that is used during sex to help sperm get to the right place within the vaginal tract

It protects sperm from harmful acidic vaginal fluid and forms a seal to block any loss of sperm. The guide directs sperm towards the deeper end of the vaginal tract, and increases the potential for any natural conception.

The unique technology is the first of its kind to assist couples with natural conception in the comfort of their home. Importantly, the device also brings back intimacy to conception.

– Prusothman Raja, co-founder of twoplus fertility


increase sperm count

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