Introducing the Cup that You can Fold to Fit in Your Pocket

Hunu Cup

Hunu Cup

A lot of people are ordering coffee from shops every day. However, the disposable cups that they use are a significant contribution to the wastes that the world is making. In fact, there are approximately 165 million disposable cups used worldwide each day for hot drinks.

To solve this dilemma, the company HUNU created a reusable cup that you can collapse and fold to fit in your pocket.


The HUNU+ 

The HUNU+, this pocket-size cup is made from BPA-free food-grade silicone. The material is certified by major American associations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Available in 16 or 20z capacity, it features a silicone straw that stores away inside the cup when folded.

You can easily fold the cup into a 3cm disk and hide it inside your bag or pocket. In addition, constantly folding and opening HUNU+ will not compromise its sturdiness since silicone is resistant to wear and tear.

The cup also has a heat band for holding hot drinks. On the other hand, the leak-proof lid is made of bamboo, which is sustainable and easy to grow.

Moreover, the design is a result of research developed in London. For this reason, you can ensure that this product has an excellent quality.

The dimensions of the HUNU+ allow people to have a cup at hand at all times when they want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee outdoors. This way, you can contribute to the lessening of pollution.

Hunu Cup

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