How to Check the Battery Health of Your iPhone

How to Maximize iPhone Battery Life

How to Maximize iPhone Battery Life

How many times do you charge your iPhone? Do you always look for an outlet to plug-in your phone? If that’s the case, your phone’s battery may be failing. Many Apple iPhone users are constantly making an argue that they charge their device at all times.

Fortunately, Apple lets you know if you’re iPhone’s battery is at the end of its service. iPhone has a built-in tool that helps you understand why your battery is deteriorating, or what are the causes of its fast battery drain.

The ability to know how your battery is doing can save you from purchasing a new iPhone model. By using your phone, the right way can make the battery healthy for a longer period of time. We have made a list of tweaks and simple tips to treat your iPhone correctly, so your battery will have a longer life.

First, let us see and monitor your iPhone battery.

Go to the “Settings” and swipe up till you see the “Battery”. In iOS 14.5, you can toggle “on” or “off” the Low Power Mode tool. Also, you can see which app has the most battery usage. You may look into which app has the most battery usage for the last 24 hours or 10 days.

You may also observe the “Battery Health” button. Click that and check your current battery life, how used-up your battery is. My iPhone 12, which I bought in November 2020 is at 96%. The higher the number close to 100, the better your battery is. On the other hand, the lower the number the fewer hours you may use your iPhone.


How to Maximize iPhone Battery Life

If your battery health is lower than 100, you can still use it. It doesn’t have any problem, and you’re still able to operate it usually. Below are simple tricks to save your battery.

  1. Keep its Software Updated
    1. Usually, updates are for security, yet, updates can also be dedicated to prolonging your battery health thru updates.
  2. Don’t Let Your Phone Sir Under the Sun
    1. Do not let your phone on top of the table, with direct sunlight. Avoid it putting it in such a place. You can place it in your pocket, backpack, or bag if you’re out in the heat. It is even better to place it inside an air-conditioned room.
  3. Toggle “On” the “Optimized battery Charging”
    1. This simply means that your iPhone learns your charging habit so, while it’s plugged in, it doesn’t overcharge.    
  4. Lower Your Screen Brightness
    1. Make sure to set your “Auto-Brightness On in “accessibility” settings so you don’t have to adjust it manually.
  5. Resist the Urge of Charging All the Time
    1. Your iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery. And it only has 500 charging cycles before degrading. So, make sure to totally drop the battery to zero (but not totally zero, at least 10%) before charging it again. Dropping to partially charged before the next plug-in is best for long-term battery health.
  6. Use WiFi
    1. As much as possible, use WiFi since it consumes less energy connecting to wireless internet than by using cellular data.
  7. Turn off Notifications
    • Do not turn off the entire notifications. If possible, select applications that you really want to get notifications from. Popping out of notifications wakes up your screen and drains the battery.
  8. Turn On Low Power Mode
    • If your battery is running low, turning on the Low Power Mode, slows down the drain. It dims the screen brightness, and animations are minimized. Some functions of the iPhone are disabled such as AirDrop, iCloud sync, and Mail app.

Replace your iPhone Battery

If these steps have no effects, then you probably need a battery replacement. Most especially if you got the message on the Battery Health section saying “Your battery health is significantly degraded”, it’s time to get that battery replaced. Having a new battery makes the phone new again.

This time, make sure to follow the steps we mentioned to make your battery last longer.

How to Maximize iPhone Battery Life

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