How to Install GlobeOne App

GlobeOne app has been released on May 16, 2019, and has 500,000+ downloads. And, because of the NEW GO PROMOS which is only available on the app, it will have a massive boost.

For you to avail Go50, Go90, Go120 and Go140 you should install GlobeOne app from Playstore (Android), Apple App Store (IOS) and App GAllery (Huawei).

We have included screenshots for easy navigation and guide. I am using android phone so we’re accessing Playstore.

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First, Open Playstore and search for “Globe One App”. Then, Download and Install.

At this point, I chose Google and signed my existing google account. Once it is connected, you’re going to set-up your nickname and mobile number. Verification code will be sent to your registered number.

You will have to set up your 6-digit pin to unlock GlobeOne App. Also, you are to set bio-metrics if you want to. I set-up my 6-digit pin and enabled login via fingerprint/face for added security.

GlobeOne App Promos

Images below are GoPromos which are only available at GlobeOne App

Images below are Globe All In Promos available at GlobeOne App.

Images below are Globe Call & Text Promos available at GlobeOne App.

Images below are Globe Surf Promos available at GlobeOne App.

Images below are Globe Booster Promos available at GlobeOne App.

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