How to Hack Password of Any Social Media Account

How to Hack Facebook Account

How to Hack Facebook Account

We are really sure that you use social media networking sites. These social media accounts include the most basic; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Are you sure that your account is secure? What will you do if news broke out saying that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been hacked?

Basically, the only thing that matters for hackers is your password. Yes, your easy-to-hack password. There are simple ways to know your password. Even without using a third-party application, either social media account or bank account is hackable.

In this tutorial, we will assist you what technique the use to hack your social media accounts.

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Dictionary Attack

It is the most common way to hack your password.

Basically, the hacker would try the commonly-used passwords such as; 123456, 123456789, qwerty, 12345678, 111111, 1234567890, 12345678, password, 123123, qwertyuiop,1q2w3e4r,654321,555555

How to Hack Facebook Account

If you are to create a new social media account or any online accounts, please, make sure not to use these commonly-used passwords. Your account will be at risk.

If you can’t think of a strong password, might use the password manager we use.

Brute Force

The next way to crack your social media password is through brute force.

This way, the hacker will try every possible character combination, including upper- and lower-case characters, special characters, numbers, and so on.

If you are using a 5-character password, then your password can be easily cracked using an application. Also, computer hardware with great hashing power like graphics cards can be used to crack a password.

Our advice so hackers won’t easily crack your password is to add more characters from 5-character passwords to 15-character passwords using alphanumeric, using upper- and lower case, and special characters.


How to Hack Facebook Account


This time, it is not really a hacking scenario. However, if you fail to recognize a legit email, links, or website, then most probably logging in to your account might put you at risk.

You will be asked to log into your specific account for that specific page. Then you will be redirected into a login page prompting to key in your password.

The most commonly used trick of phishing is thru email. They will email you. The email will look like it came from a major organization or business, commonly a bank. It will instruct you to log in to your credentials because there are security updates. But, if you clicked the link, the redirected site looks suspicious.

If they successfully recorded your login information, they can steal your money online by buying kinds of stuff on the internet.

Malware or Keylogger

A keylogger can be easily installed into your system if you’ve installed a suspicious application. Unfortunately, when malware has been installed, it has the potential to do catastrophic damage. If the malware is a keylogger, then, all of your accounts might be at risk.

Basically, this malware targets private data. Stealing important information from you and your computer.

There are easy ways to stop these malwares from entering into your system.

First is to always update your antivirus and antimalware software.

Second is, stay out of malicious web pages that instructs you to download and install a file.

Third is to avoid websites that offers pirated software. If you downloaded from these websites, there might be a hidden, undetectable malware that can be installed into your system.

Social Engineering

This is a real-world application of Phishing. To further understand what is Social Engineering, watch this video.

In the video above, the attacker tells the support team of the company, that they need the latest password. The support, without any hesitation, provides the password. It only takes more than a minute and a crying baby background.

Usually, social engineering has been used for centuries.

Being duplicitous to gain entry to a secure area is a common method of attack and one that is only guarded against with education. This is because the attack won’t always ask directly for a password. It could be a fake plumber or electrician asking for entry to a secure building, and so on.


Final Thoughts

These are the most common methods of cracking your password. This can be used on any social media networking sites that you are currently using. The best way to avoid hacking is through self-education.

Be vigilant always. In most cases, make sure to use incognito mode when browsing malicious websites. Do not key in your personal information into illegitimate websites.

Be educated with this ways on how to hack passwords of any social media account.

How to Hack Facebook Account

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