How to Get a VaxCert (Vaccination Certificate) – Step-by-Step Guide w/ Video Tutorial

How to Get a VaxCert

VaxCert Explained

VaxCert is the official digital vaccination certificate for Filipinos and non-Filipinos who are vaccinated in the Philippines. Basically, this Vaccination Certificate can be used for international and domestic travel. Also, it complies with the World Health Organization’s Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates (DDCC) guidelines.

Who Can Avail Vaccination Certificate

Vaccination Certificate is available online thru, and is usually accessible for those people who are FULLY VACCINATED.

VaxCert Video Tutorial

Steps to Get VaxCert

  • Go to
  • Tap Continue
  • Check “Privacy Statement”, then “Continue”
  • Provide vaccination status (select 48 hours), then select “Next”
  • Enter Personal Information, then “Next”
  • Enter Vaccination Information, then “Verify”
  • Select “Continue”
  • Enter “CAPTCHA” verification
  • Tap “Generate Vaccination Certificate”
  • Download Vaccination Certificate

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No Record Found

If you experienced this kind of error, just send a support ticket. If you want to update your existing record, or there’s an error on your record, you can also submit a ticket. Just upload your vaccination card and valid ID so the MIS personnel would not “REJECT” your correction application.

The best way to personally approach the Vaccination team is thru your LGU’s Vaccination Team or Local Government Unit Health Office.


  1. Is this different from my vaccination card in the LGU? Yes! While both are valid, this complies with the standards set by the World Health Organization and aims to be internationally recognized.
  2. Which browsers can I use to request and generate vaccination certificate?
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Firefox
    3. Edge
    4. Safari
  3. Can I apply without getting vaccinated yet? No. VaxCert is only available for Fully Vaccinate Filipinos or Non Filipinos who received ther does in the Philippines
  4. Can I generate VaxCertPh for family members usong the same smartphone or computer? Yes, you may generate VaxCertPH for anyone using the same smartphone or computer as ling as the information you provided in the website is correct based on their vaccination cards.
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