5 Reasons Why Your Internet is Slow and How to Fix it

how to fix slow internet connection pldt

how to fix slow internet

Our smartphones are now the most effective way for us to connect to the world wide web. It means that getting the fastest internet speeds on our mobile devices is more significant than ever.

Nowadays, many people use a wired connection and high-speed internet service to browse and work online. At the same time, WiFi is regarded to be our invisible friend that comforts us, and likewise, one of our daily essentials.

However, despite your high-speed internet plan and fiber optic network connection, sometimes, we experience delays in loading webpages and slow internet problems. Occasionally, creeping connections happen due to a huge number of devices connected to your modem or router.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some reasons why you have slow internet on your devices.

how to fix slow internet

Check your plan

Sometimes, your internet is slow because of the plan you are paying. Try checking your internet service provider’s website and look for the plan you have. Then, search for speedtest.net and run for a speed test. Before doing so, be sure to stop any heavy internet activity to end up with a reliable output. If the result is the same as your plan, basically, you are paying for a slow internet connection.

The most effective way is to upgrade your plan for a higher internet speed. Nevertheless, if the numbers don’t match, call for your ISP’s technical support.


Poor Router Position

You checked your plan, you get what you pay for, your internet speed is fast, but, you are still experiencing delays in loading the webpage. Poor router position might be the culprit.

Normally, the Wi-Fi signal has a range up to 150-feet or less depending on your router, and the further it travels, the slower it gets. If you usually keep it in a cabinet, try to reposition your router out into an open area. You might be able to notice the remarkable improvement of your WiFi speed after moving it out into an open area.

Also, if you have a larger home, you could have poor coverage throughout your home, something is interfering with the signal or you could have a dead zone. Try investing in WiFi extenders to enable wider signal coverage. Usually, Wifi extenders are placed in areas where there is poor, or nearly no wifi at all.3.

Your router needs a reboot

You upgraded your plan and repositioned your router into an open area so as to widen its coverage. However, you still experience the same delay in internet browsing. The problem might be your router or modem.

Routers are the centerpiece of a computer network. The internet connection relies on its configured settings. Nevertheless, the improper configuration could be the result of a slow connection. Try configuring your router, then, check if it is consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendation settings.

Like some other devices, routers get stuck in an overloaded situation. If you have not rebooted your modem for quite some time, we recommend doing it once in a while.
Rebooting your router is the process of switching it off (after 10 seconds), and switching it on afterward. It may take a minute or so before it reconnects to your ISP.

Background Apps left downloading

You subscribed for the highest internet speed, and you placed your newly rebooted router on to elevated area so as to have a wider Wifi Coverage. But, you are still suffering from a slow internet connection.

Occasionally, programs that work with videos can cause sluggish internet. Sometimes, you forget that there are background applications that are running. Try checking your computer for background programs that are running. Some software applications run background processes that are minimized to the system tray.

For example, you are downloading files across the BitTorrent platform, your regular browsing is going to be slower. Try installing web browser extensions that block some bandwidth-hogging ads.

Other than that, computers also perform necessary updates to optimize your user experience. These file downloads normally come with security updates, and usually, the files are downloaded under the hood which slows the internet connection.

Apps often automatically update themselves. Please be sure to always check background applications that might cause internet slowdown.

Congested Public WiFi

You’ve done everything to fix your slow WiFi. Internet Plan was upgraded, then; rebooted and positioned your WiFi on an elevated platform. Afterward, you also checked if there are background apps secretly downloading on your computers. Yet, your WiFi is still lagging and sluggish.

You might be connected to a congested WiFi Network. For example, you are connected to a coffee shop Wireless network. Since it is a coffee shop, there are also other WiFi users connected to the network. These users cause traffic and congestion to the WiFi resulting in to slow internet connection.

Otherwise, if you are the only user of the coffee shop WiFi, notice the remarkable bump in the speed of the WiFi. For example, When the router’s configured setting was set up to cater to a hundred users, and you are the only one using it, then, there should be an increase in webpage loading.

how to fix slow internet

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  3. Very useful blog. You explained everything in detail and this is such a big problem these days because sometimes everyone faces internet problem and here your tips are helpful.

  4. After living where we had a choice in provider our new location doesn’t have any competition. One provider, one plan, and we have struggled with horrible internet service since getting it here.

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  6. I spent like the better part of the day searching for the best place for my router, and I found it, and the speed is now great, but usually during rainy days or windy days the connection tends to be finicky so I need to reboot the router fairly more than during quiet days, this is all fairly common that you spoke of in your post, not to mention if you have a private network maybe someone is leeching off you so there is that also 😀

  7. Great tips! I had to upgrade my plan once I started school and my husbands a gamer so a lot of internet is used at our house.

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