7 Simplest Ways on How to Boost Your Internet Connection

How to Boost Internet Connection / How to Boost WiFi Speed

How to Boost Internet Connection / How to Boost WiFi Speed

“In the Era of trending and high-speed Internet connection. Buffering types of people are always left behind.”

Sahani Baleshwar

Like most people who started working from home, the slow internet speed is the major problem that needs proper solutions.

Nowadays, having a burst internet speed is a must. Schools and offices are directing their stakeholders to use the internet for productivity. Also, the internet is the best channel to communicate with your friends, family, and relatives.

In that case, having a poor, slow, and sluggish WiFi and internet connection will cause slow productivity and development.

If you’re already subscribed to the platinum plan of your internet provider, or you are near to your router, connected wirelessly or wired, but still experiencing lazy internet speed, then below are the simple steps you need to try.


Put a Password on Your WiFi

Wifi password prevents hackers from accessing your home wireless network,  stealing bandwidth and viewing your traffic. Having a password on your wifi is good as it helps you keep hackers away and keep your neighbor from connecting to which makes your connection to slow down.

Always use the Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt data. AES encryption is a secure and most speed-friendly security option.

Cut off the Unused Devices

Another tip to troubleshoot your connection problem is to reduce the number of unused devices that are currently connected to your network. The less the computer or mobile phone connected to your router may help reduce background traffic.

Move Your Router

If ever the first and second tip does not work check up on your router if, see to it that your router is switched on. If yes, then probably placed at the wrong corner of the house. Make sure that your router is highly positioned as you can.

Restart Your WiFi Router

There are lots of tips to troubleshoot a slow Internet speed and this one is the easiest option to reconnect. Rebooting your router gives time to restart software making it work properly.

Just like any other computer, it applies to a router and it helps speed things up. Although rebooting helps improve your internet speed time, it does not permanently improve overall speed so might as well stick with other tips.

How to Boost Internet Connection / How to Boost WiFi Speed

Use an Ethernet Cable

There’s another step that you can do if the previous idea does not work anymore. You can actually amplify the speed pulse signal to get the maximum bandwidth. You’re gonna need any kind of electrical tape, two rechargeable AA batteries.

The first thing you need to do is to find the ethernet cable between the router and the modem and unhook that cable. Be sure that you only touch that cable and not fiber lines, if ever you have, they’re very delicate.

What you’re going to do is to coil the wire around the battery to amplify the signal. You can watch the link below for detailed steps on how to coil the wires.


Changed the Channel or Band

One of the main reasons for slowing down Internet speed. You might want to change it or try to cooperate with your neighbor. If they are using the same wireless frequency band and have a lot of people using it, it probably interferes with each other that causes both your router to slow down.

Call the ISP

After all of what you did and still, nothing happens to your speed connection, seek professional help with the Internet  Service Provider. A service technician might be able to address the problem that only a professional can do. If you have more concerns or inquiries, reach out with ISP and ask questions.

Closing thoughts

These are some ways of hacking your internet speed without spending money. It is imperative to understand these methods especially that today’s norm is working at home which requires fast internet connection speed.

We are hoping that we bring you hacks to enjoy!

How to Boost Internet Connection / How to Boost WiFi Speed

  1. Thanks so much for these hacks. It is truly frustrating when the internet does not work well while I’m working on my blog. Will try these.

  2. Interesting. Maybe I should check out these steps before I upgrade to the next tier of interest. I like my internet to be blazing fast… Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally need this right now because I’m suffering a very slow connection and thinking to upgrade my internet speed this post it help me a lot thanks to this btw I’m from the Philippines too.

  4. i really appreciate you for the video you put down and the write up. Let me blow your mind wide, do you know that i failed an interview few months ago in an ICT firm.. this is the same question i was ask on that faithful day. i really wish i have come across this information. hope am permitted to download the video?

  5. Will try this one on our WiFi, but totally agree with WiFi password as I discover recently that our neighbor is connected to ours without permission that makes our connection slower than usual.

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