How this poor puppy which was left in a snowy place found his ‘hooman’ best friend.

It is fun and fulfilling when you see dogs play around with their ‘hooman’ best friend in the park, in your friend’s or your neighbors backyard. Especially, people who have a strong connection with animals.

On the other side of the coin, there are dogs that ungratefully have irresponsible owners. Social media lately disclose of how disturbing, pitiful and inhuman; dogs are being treated in various places around world.

Photo from TheDodo

In this Facebook page, they posted a video of a puppy—abandoned not far from the neighborhood. You can see in the footage that the poor puppy is tied in a utility-pole with its collar and leash still attached to its neck when a passerby found him.

What more could worsen the situation is the foot-inch of snow everywhere in the area. The puppy was crying so loud seeking for help while the good Samaritan came closer. The poor pup was also surrounded by few pruned branches of vines nearby.

Photo from TheDodo

It was shivering because of the possible negative degree temperature, while it was being calmed by the unknown netizen. After a few minutes, the lady behind the camera went inside her car together with the abandoned puppy. The puppy seemed so tame and happy by wagging its tail when it was brought inside the car, as if it had found a new best-friend again.

He was taken to veterinarian for recovery

Photo from TheDodo

The puppy was taken by the lady who rescued him to the veterinarian several times for its fast recovery. He became the Vet’s favorite because of how interactive he is. Soon, the puppy found a foster home and not long ago, after that, a forever family; a forever best-friend.

Bowie” was the name given by the owners who adapted the puppy. It means ‘yellow’ or ‘fair-headed’ in Scottish name meanings even though Bowie’s colour is brown. Probably it was given by his new owners unknowingly.

Photo from TheDodo

He made friends easily with his new parents. He was very ‘at home’ as shown in the snippets of the video. The parents described Bowie as an energetic and playful puppy. He grew up as a bit silly dog as it would always wrestle and chase his other dog siblings. He likes watching other dogs on television. Bowie now is growing up as a ‘good-boy’ and living his deserved life with his loving parents despite his unfortunate past.

Photo from TheDodo

Watch the whole video below.

Puppy Found Abandoned In The Snow Is So Different Now

It's amazing what a little love did for this abandoned puppy ❤️

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