How I Earn $600 By Just Drafting

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Nowadays, an average first level employee’s monthly gross income is ranging from Php 8,000.00 to Php 10,000.00 ($160 – $200) with a net take-home pay of not less than Php 4,000.00 ($80). This take-home pay was calculated based on my monthly compensation and deductions (utility bills, healthcare, government taxes and loans), so do not brag anything about it.

As for me, this monthly income of mine is insufficient for my needs and wants. How could I purchase luxurious things such as new kicks, new gadgets or new clothes? So, I decided to utilize my skills and capabilities, as a result, I have been earning much more than my basic monthly paychecks.


Today, many people are planning to build and construct their very first house. It is quite an expensive investment, however, building your house is a privilege. And that is how I get into the community of the side hustlers.

“Side hustle” or “sideline”, commonly known as part-time job here in the Philippines have been part of my daily living since my entrance to the world of unemployed experts. Computer Engineer by profession, backed-up with credentials, for me, I find myself poorly compensated.

That is the main reason why I ended up earning additional Php 30,000 ($600) this first quarter of 2019.


Read: Board Exam for Computer Engineers & Students

It is mandated by the Philippine government that before construction of a residential building or any kind of structure, the owner or the contractor must first secure building permit or locational clearance where they are planning to erect the building.

Before securing building permit, it is required to submit necessary documents to see if the building corresponds with the National Building Code. These documents include the Architectural Plan, Structural Plan, Electrical Plan and Sanitary plan.

There are huge numbers of Filipinos which I believe does not know the law regarding the issuance of building permit before the construction of their houses, resulting to authorities’ filing of “notice of illegal construction” to the owner. Once they received the illegal construction document, they must comply with requirements or else, they could face the consequences.


During my college days, we had this subject “AUTOCAD”. This application helps us engineers to design computer networks and systems. For architects and civil engineers, this application is being use to design home structures, for electrical engineer and sanitary engineer, this is being used for electrical wiring and sanitary layouts.

Read: Board Exam for Computer Engineers & Students

There is a big difference between hiring board-passer professionals like architect and a board-passer civil engineer than to hire an expert draftsman or under-board architect and / or under-board civil engineer. First is the professional fee which is more expensive than usual draftsman. Second is their availability. These board-passer professionals work in high-salary-compensating job outside our locality.

With that said, I’ve been consulted by some individuals to help them in drafting and providing plans. So, I grabbed this chance to get paid. My professional service fee ranges from Php 6, 000.00 – Php 10,000.00 ($120 – $200) for 1-storey building and Php 15,000.00 – Php 25,000.00 ($300 – $500) for 2-storey building.

That amount of money covers the plans with sign and seal of the authorized professional. Architectural plan signed and sealed by an architect, structural plan signed and sealed by a civil engineer, electrical plan signed and sealed by a professional electrical engineer and sanitary plan signed and sealed by a sanitary engineer (master plumber).


Of course, a written agreement between me and my client is provided to ensure its legality. What’s written in the agreement are the scope of work and payment schedule.

For clarification, this post is how I earn some bucks to satisfy my wants. It does not intend to degrade any profession or steal any form of professionalism or professional work.

In the end, I advise you to always consult for professional services regardless of their professional fees. It is worth the money, always.

Shout out to all draftsmen who do the same things as mine. Comment down below your experiences and share it with the world.

Author: Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play Archero and Nonstop Balls during his free time.

40 thoughts on “How I Earn $600 By Just Drafting

  1. Nowadays, it is easy to get some side-hustles. We utilize of creative skills to make productive and profitable. Who knows, you might not need to be full-time employed!

  2. Sounds like you are very knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of thing! I am fixing to start building a house and it’s a headache here in the US also! Great post!

  3. Galing!
    That is why I love reading other people’s blogs. It opens another kind of world, and another learning happens! Thanks for the share!

  4. Side hustling is quite familiar almost anywhere. Good thing you used your talent to make up for your other spendings. Keep it up.

  5. This was actually really insightful for me, I didn’t know that I could use autocad as a side hustle in helping other people

  6. Side hustles are awesome, especially if they pay as well as drafting!
    In countries where the average salary is quite low, there is such an opportunity for young people to build their online freelancing services to really improve their quality of life 🙂

    1. Great way to side hustle. It showcases your talent and skills as well as you make extra money out of the thing you enjoy and love.

  7. Wow, way to show initiative! Home building seems like such a complicated process both in the US and the Philippines but it’s impressive you found a way to earn an income based on a need!

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