Hera is a New Calendar App for people with a lot of Virtual Meetings

hera calendar app.

hera calendar app

Meet Hera, a new calendar app that wants to turn the calendar into the main work interface. Hera helps you schedule meetings more easily with natural language processing and lets you share availabilities in an email or any messaging app. The startup is also going to build integrations with your other work tools so that you can surface important information before a meeting and extract information after a meeting.

So far, Hera has raised a $465,000 (€400,000) pre-seed round led by Eurazeo (under the Idinvest brand at the time) and several business angels. It has then joined Y Combinator’s S21 batch and raised a $1.7 million seed round led by Eurazeo.

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Business angels who invested in the company include Alexis Bonillo, Thibaud Elzière, Kyle Parrish, Calvin French-Owen, John Gabaix and Karthik Puvvada. Notion Capital and Kima Ventures also invested.

Hera first started as a calendar app focused on note-taking during meetings. Since attending Y Combinator, the product has evolved quite a lot. It is now focused on managing the entire lifecycle of an event for busy people who manage a lot of (virtual) meetings.

First, Hera can help you schedule a meeting and get ready for a meeting. In just a few clicks, you can select multiple slots. Hera then generates a friendly text that you can copy and paste in an email thread, in a WhatsApp conversation or wherever you’re talking about your next meeting.

This is a much friendlier interface for the person receiving the message compared to traditional meeting scheduling tools. You don’t have to generate a link, and the person on the other end doesn’t have to click on a link to find out when this meeting could take place.


hera calendar app

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