Hello, Love, Goodbye

Reminiscing the first night that we were together was something special. You opened up your secrets and shared your past. My focus was on you, you were my whole universe that night.  

Do you still remember that gentle pause, the deafening silence that surrounds us? That moment when our naked eyes met, a chilling sense which I still feel within my soul. You excused for a while and played a romantic song.   

The rhythm of the music touched my emotions. I was deeply moved by the melody of your voice as you whisper the lyrics of the song. You brought me into your empire where love exists. Regardless of what you’ve been through, you welcomed me unreservedly.

All you needed was someone who could understand, accept and listen to you. I hearkened to your badass stories. We giggled about every story you were able to share. I offered my life to you.

It wasn’t enough

Babe, all those time that we were together, I gave up everything for you. I chose to get myself broken just to fix you. I picked up all of your emotional remains and replaced it with my endless love. But it wasn’t enough.

I was afraid this time would come, that you might go away. I have learned to live my life beside you. When that day comes, maybe I’ll just dream of you every night. And if into my dream you’ll come, I’ll just keep on dreaming till my heartaches end.

I am happy that I had loved you.

Today, luckily, you are ready to love again. Now, Here I am, unfortunately, left alone, unfolding stories on how to fix somebody’s broken heart thru self-sacrifice.

Author: JC Matunan

JC is ponder and deliberate manager. He loves to penetrate discretely and dominate massively

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