Hacking Medium using TOR Browser

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It’s absolutely free!

Since 2019, I started looking for websites that share an enormous amount of reliable information and credible source of wisdom.

Moreover, I began searching for premium stories from individuals based on their experiences. These stories are a great source of inspiration which is very helpful to me.

By accident, I was reading an article in Medium which requires me to sign up. I only have limited access per month (3 views only). So, I searched for ways to bypass the metered paywall.

So here I am, sharing with you how to access Medium without the premium subscription.

TOR Browser Download

Browse Privately. Explore Freely. Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance. Circumvent censorship.

According to TOR, it (a) Block trackers, (b) Defend (users) against surveillance (c) Resist fingerprinting (d) Multi-layered encryption, and let its users to (e)Browse freely.

We believe everyone should be able to explore the internet with privacy. . . We advance human rights and defend your privacy online through free software and open networks.

You can visit their website here and download its installer.

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Once downloaded, you can eventually install it on your pc and run it after.

Accessing Medium on Chrome Browser

Recently, I wasn’t able to read articles in Medium after reaching my free access.

Let me show you.

Image for post
This image shows 3 links from Medium
Image for post
This image shows that I’ve reached my free access to Medium.
Image for post
This image shows that I’ve reached my free access to Medium.
Image for post
This image shows that I’ve reached my free access to Medium.

I know the frustration whenever this situation happens to you.

Accessing Medium on TOR Browser

Since you finished installing the TOR browser, we’ll try accessing those 3 links above. Moreover, let’s see if we can access more than 3 stories.

Image for post
This image appears every time you open Tor browser, Just click “Connect”.

Let’s copy the URL from chrome browser, and paste it in Tor Browser.

Image for post
Copying link from Chrome browser
Image for post
Copied link from Chrome browser, pasted on Tor Browser
Image for post
Full story viewable on Tor Browser
Image for post
Image for post
This image shows that I have 1 free story left.

For us to access the fourth link, what we’re going to do is clean our IP Address, and have a “New Identity”

Image for post
The “New Identity” icon will give you another IP address and new routes

Clicking the “New Identity” icon will re-open the browser. This results in a new IP address which gives you another 3 free access in Medium.

Just clean [click the “New Identity”] the Tor browser, and your good to go. It will give you unlimited access to Medium.

Final Thoughts

I want to share with you my experience here on Medium. Since I found it very helpful, so I tried things which help me to view it without a premium subscription. (And I hope, Medium will let us use this browser)

I also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Tor for safe browsing. Sometimes, I also use Incognito Mode but it is not 100% safe.

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