GraphWear closes $20.5M Series B for a needle-free, Nanotech-Powered Glucose Monitor



GraphWear, a company pursuing needle-free approaches to glucose monitoring, has closed a $20.5 million Series B round. This Series B round is a vote of confidence by investors in GraphWear’s approach: to monitor key metrics in the body, like glucose, without breaking the skin at all. 

GraphWear Technologies was founded in 2015 by Rajatesh Gudibande and Saurabh Radhakrishnan, who had both completed master’s degrees in nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania. Specifically, GraphWear is developing a skin-surface-level wearable made of graphene (more on this material later). The sensor is small, about the size of an Apple Watch — but the key piece of technology is actually housed on the bottom. It’s a thin slice of graphene that fits onto the back of the watch, or onto a sticker that can be worn on the abdomen. 

The Holy Grail problem has been: can you really know what is happening in your blood without using things to prick your skin and draw blood out.

We think GraphWear has made progress and is likely to be one of the first companies to actually bring a product that can get to hundreds of millions of people.” 

Ursheet Parikh

GraphWear’s sensor takes a nanotechnology-based approach to continuous glucose monitoring. And, unlike other continuous glucose monitors, which may require a small retractable filament or finger sticks to evaluate blood glucose, the device doesn’t break the skin at all, says Gudibande. 



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